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Bhairav Pratyaksh Darshan Sadhana for wishes


Buy Bhairav Pratyaksh Darshan Sadhana for wishes

Make a mound of vermilion and on it place a Bheirav Yantra. Then make a human determine with clay and colour it pink with vermilion. Then place it over the Yantra. ..
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Bhairav Pratyaksh Darshan Sadhana for wishes

Advantages of this Bhairav Pratyaksh Darshan Sadhana

1. Lord Bheirav is the most rapidly appeased by this Sadhana and fulfils the want of the Sadhak.
2. There are numerous extra Sadhanas and rituals for having a divine glimpse (Darshan) of the Lord, but that is one of the best Sadhana for this purpose.
3. Through this Sadhana one wins the great will of the Lord for the whole life. The Lord then protects the Sadhak from all dangers and whenever he's in an issue the Lord rushes to his rescue.

The Bhairav Pratyaksh Darshan Sadhana

Wear black clothes and sit on a black mat. Through the Sadhana interval keep celibacy. Attempt it only at night. Sanyasis and Yogis carry out this ritual only on a river bank, in a funeral floor or a temple of Lord Shiva, but for a standard man separate room or space at dwelling ought to do just fine.

Make a mound of vermilion and on it place a Bheirav Yantra. Then make a human determine with clay and colour it pink with vermilion. Then place it over the Yantra.

Pray to the Guru for success within the Sadhana. Then taking some rice grains within the left hand chant the following Mantra and throw the rice grains in all directions for cover from negative forces.

Bhairav Pratyaksh Darshan Sadhana Aatma Raksha Mantra

Om Hraam Hreem Hroom Namah Poorve. Om Hraam Hreem Hroom Hroum Namah Aagneye. Om Hreem Shreem Namah Dakshinne. Om Gloom Bloom Namah Neikritye. Om Proom Proom Sam Sah Namah Pashchime. Om Bhraam Bhraam Namah Vaayavye. Om Bhraam Bram Bhram Phat Namah Eishaanye. Om Glom Bloom Namah Oordhve. Om Ghraam Ghram Ghrah Namah Adhodeshe.

Thereafter make a mark of Kaajal on your brow and likewise on the Yantra and the clay figure. Make marks with vermilion as well. Then with a Black Hakeek rosary chant the following Mantra. The Mantra of this Sadhana may be very highly effective, therefore solely the strong hearted individual should do this Sadhana. Ladies, youngsters and old people should better maintain off this Sadhana. This Sadhana is to be finished at evening only. One Lakh chantings must be finished to finish this Sadhana. So resolve yourself in how many days you wish to complete this ritual and calculate the every day variety of chantings yourself. If you wish you possibly can chant 25 rounds of the following Mantra every day for forty days.

Bhairav Pratyaksh Darshan Sadhana Mantra
Om Hraam Hreem Hroom Hah. Shaam Sheem Shoom Shah. Khraam Khreem Khroom Khrah. Ghraam Ghreem Ghroom Ghrah. Bhraam Bhreem Bhroom Bhrah. Bhrom Bhrom Bhrom Bhrom Klom Klom Klom Klom. Shrom Shrom Shrom Shrom Jrom Jrom Jrom Jrom. Hum Hum Hum Hum Hum Hum Hum Hum Phat Sarvam To Raksha Raksha Raksha Raksha Bheirav Naath Naath Hum Phat.

Throughout Sadhana one may visualise the type of Lord Bheirav. The night you've got such an expertise do the next the subsequent night.
Supply a blue fabric on the clay figure and make a mark on it with vermilion blended with mustard oil. Arrange the following eatables - a chapati smeared with mustard oil, a sweet prepared from jaggery and wheat flour, jaggery, and pakoras made out of Urad Dal - in a plate and supply them to the Lord. Gentle incense and start chanting the Mantra.

If the Lord doesn't appear that night then repeat this the next night time as well. If he fails to seem once more repeat the third night and he shall certainly appear. When he does and tells you to ask some boon then communicate out your want respectfully. After this Sadhana has been successfully achieved no enemy or adversary can harm the Sadhak.

After Sadhana throw the Yantra and rosary in some unfrequented place.

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