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Kuber idol- 1110 gram


Buy Kuber idol- 1110 gram

This kuber idol is charged by kuber mantra. Kuber idol is considered the god of wealth and the...
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Kuber idol- 1110 gram

This kuber idol is charged by kuber mantra. Kuber idol is considered the god of wealth and the treasurer. Bhagawan Kuber is often known as the god (lord) of yakshas (savage beings). Kubera is at all times remembered with the goddess of fortune, Lakshmi. Chanting of Kuber Mantra blesses the worshipper with money and prosperity by drawing new avenues and sources of income and wealth..

About Kuber

Kuber spent years of his life to worship Shiva. At some point Shiva was very happy with him. He appeared in entrance of him and requested him what he wanted. Kuber advised Bhagawan Shiva that he wished to turn into popular. He stated that everybody makes enjoyable of him as he was not good trying and obese.

He requested the Bhagawan to grant him one thing that would make him very powerful. Bhagawan Shiva granted him the wish. He instructed him that he would change into the care taker of wealth. All of the wealth with the world can be with him. Kubera grew to become the treasurer with the world.

Nonetheless, with energy he grew to become proudy and mindless. He wished to make more and more money. He forgot that he was only a caretaker. He became very grasping and he would by no means share his wealth with anyone. Bhagawan Shiva bought to learn about this. He released that he gave Kuber a unprecedented energy however Kuber didn't know how one can use it. That is exactly why lord Shiva decided which he has to teach Kuber a lesson.

At some point he visited Kuber like a Sanyasi. He advised Kuber that he must organize for a grand feast. With this feast he ought to call all of the kings and the Gods. This may guarantee that the world will get to know in regards to the significance of Kubera. Kubera agreed and went and invited all of the Gods and kings.

When Kubera reached Kailash Bhagawan Shiva advised him that he will not be capable of make it to the feast. Nevertheless, he would send Ganesha. Ganesha told Kuber that he'll come provided that Kubera promises that he will feed him first. Kuber agreed. The day of the feast came. Ganesha arrived and Kuber started to feed him. Bhagawan Ganesha began to eat and His appetite appeared literally infinite.

He ate nearly all of the meals that Kuber had prepared. It was not sufficient so Ganesha wished more. Kuber had no thought what to do now as all of the meals in his stock was over. Ganesha acquired furious. He needed to eat and there was no food. So he began to feed on the palace of Kuber and then his amassed wealth. Kuber was very upset and helpless. He had invited Ganesh so he couldn't do much. Even after consuming all of the wealth and the palace Ganesha was still hungry. Now he was all set to have Kuber himself. This was when Bhagawan Shiva and his spouse arrived. They came to rescue Kuber.

After this incident Kubera realized that how necessary it was to be humble. No one has sufficient wealth as wealth can depart us easily. He requested for forgiveness and he stated that he will all the time make sure that he's the caretaker of wealth. Lord Shiva was happy with Kubera so he mentioned the he will likely be all the time worshiped all around the world for wealth. Any family where Kubera is worshipped will all the time be prosperous. Kubera gave off all his vanity and he decided to do as he was ordered by Bhagawan Shiva. Since then Kuber has been worshiped and Kubera idol is used to worship Kubera.

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