Haridra ganesha idol

This haridra ganesha is charged by 11000 Haridra ganesha mantra. Its made from root turmeric​...
Haridra ganesha idol


Haridra Ganesha Idol

This Haridra Ganesha charged by Ganesha Mantra

Beneficial for - Fulfil desires, Success, Cleverness, Good Wealth.

This haridra ganesha is charged by 11000 original Haridra ganesha mantra. Its made from root turmeric. Haridra Ganapati carries a noose, a tusk and a Modak in his hand. No physique can hurt you when you pooja this haridra Ganapati frequently. Haridra Ganapati is worshipped for the success of needs and achievement of favourable endeavours. That is additionally worshipped by devotees who search assist to come back out of their authorized troubles. Haridra Ganapati ought to be worshipped on a regular basis by reciting following Mantra 108 occasions for removing all kinds of fears and for attaining cleverness, wealth and achievement.

Haridra Ganesha worship muhurt

Day- Start from Wednesday

Time- 4 am to 9 am between

Mantra chanting- Daily 108 time

Direction- North

Place- Keep yantra on worship place or in cash box

Hight- 1"

See puja/sadhana rules and regulation

See- about Diksha

See- success rules of sadhana

See- Mantra jaap rules

See- Protect yourself during sadhana/puja

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