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Dattatreya white stone idol


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Lord (bhagawan) Dattatreya is supposed to be the mixed avatar (incarnation) of the Hindu trinity...
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Dattatraya White Stone spiritual Idol

This Dattatraya White Stone Idol charged by Dattatraya Mantra

Beneficial for - Good fortune, Good Health, Wealth.

About Dattatraya White Stone Idol

Lord (bhagawan) Dattatreya is supposed to be the mixed avatar (incarnation) of the Hindu trinity (trideva) (Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva). Sage Atri prayed to the Hindu trinity (trideva), and after they have been happy together with his reparation, they appeared earlier than him and provided to grant him a benefit. Sage Atri requested for an offspring that will have their benevolent qualities. Therefore, Lord (bhagawan) Dattatreya was born. Lord (bhagawan) Dattatreya is depicted as having three heads, symbolizing the previous, current, and future. His three heads additionally symbolize the three states of consciousness. He's pictured with 4 canine round him, which signify the 4 Vedas and his mastery over them. Lord (bhagawan) Dattatreya is taken into account the instructor of all gods. He dispels all evil influences.

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