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Mars and Venus are the 2 essential planet of association. Mars is the planet of independence and Venus is the...
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Mangal-Shukra Hawan

This Mangal-Shukra Hawan beneficial for - Good Relationship, Good partner, Strongness, Energy.

About Mangal-Shukra Hawan

Mars and Venus are the 2 essential planet of association. Mars is the planet of independence and Venus is the planet of affection and others. When these two planet are collectively/conjunct there's a excessive chance of downside in relationship

Mars is will energy and energy, it is our potential to take action. Mars may be very impetuous and spontaneous It additionally represents anger. Mars represents the sexual power, bodily aspect of affection, ardour and energy.

Venus is our capability to cooperation in love, association, Venus additionally presents ardour, pleasure, happiness, originality and arts.

Venus in adulation even when troubled doesn't give malefic outcomes. Basically Affliction of venus with mars needs to be fastidiously delineated with different combos particularly in shadvargas and solely then malefic outcomes must be attributed as a result of many a venus afflicted natives contain been seen to guide a contented marital life .

Venus is a stunning planet in astrology , it's a planet of pleasures ! Most novice astrologers are negative in predictions once they see a troubled Venus in a horoscope .Affliction to venus particularly by mars, i'd not be shocked if each astrologer would hesitate to offer a clear chit to the topic, in a hush hush tone he want to counsel a extramarital affair or smash in association or anxious marriage to the native ! This research consumed a larger a part of my life all of the extra as a result of my each dad and mom have fifth lord (bhagawan) venus and fifth home exalted, my spouse has seventh lord (bhagawan) venus in peak, my brother in regulation has exalted venus [ his fifth ie seventh from eleventh lord (bhagawan) ] , my son has ninth lord (bhagawan) [father ] venus in mooltrikona myself although would not have exalted venus in accordance with suryasiddhant my venus is in moolatrikona ] however venus is most strongest planet in kendra in my horoscope making me a Venusian in all points .My complete two technology above in my household each member[ all of the siblings of my mother ] has an high venus, some bothered some clear

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