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Ghat yoga havan


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Since you can see each Shani and Mangal present several or different points with the house or the sign they occupy...
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Ghat yoga (Shani mangal yuti) havan

Shani and Mangal Yuti Effects:-

Since you can see each Shani and Mangal present several or different points with the house or the sign they occupy. Shani's drushti or yuti with any planet reveals delays or several karmic points with that planet or house or health. When these two are in the same home following are main effects:

Shani-Mangal have an effect on two houses the most: the home and sign they're in and also the alternative house & also sign. i.e. in sixth house so abdomen and well being however too twelfth house (ankle/feet and left eye and too expenditures) In seventh house relationships/marriage/partnerships however too 1st house (head and reminiscence)

When very close and both of them the owner of the third house in the horoscope: chance of a miscarriage to mother in the next pregnancy. More so to Kanya, Kumbh, Vrishchik and Dhanu lagna in that order.

Chance of several blood associated content lacking to self and too several blood associated subject to quick subsequent sibling(s). Once more same lagna rashi as above.

Chance of several land associated points in the household - definitely if Mangal or Shani the owner of the 4th or the eighth house. Land associated points: Family (self in past lives) might have performed several improper doings like "Sahukari" or fights for land or taking away lands of poor of us and so forth

Chance of several hurt or mass-homicide and so on in the past life the place this particular person has brought on several hurt to lots bodily (Wars and many others) particularly when yuti is in MESH or VRISHCHIK rashi (any house of the horoscope)

Frequent accidents potential and hurt to the part of the physique which is shown by the home or the sign.

Sinusoidal pattern of success/general outcomes with respect to the things denoted by the house plus the sign plus the houses owned by Mangal and Shani. (Inzamam Shani Mangal in Mesh, Yuvraj Shani Mangal in Kanya)

The individual is harm by lots financially or health-wise and many others in several circumstances.

The consequences are seen when both of them and more so GOCHAR (present) SHANI is aspecting the horoscope Shani-Mangal.

Siblings harm indirectly or immediately because you have finished the identical to them in the past life. It is paid back - Or - The an individual proven the homes that Shani and Mangal own will not be in concord with you. Instance: Shani Mangal in tenth Father but when Shani owner of the sixth home then servants or workers as well would give several troubles. If Shani-Mangal in 4th home - Mother however say Shani owner of the tenth home then even father's well being may also be an issue.

More often than not, this yuti trigger several form of an operation/surgical procedure to the physique part proven by the home and also the sign.

Shani & Mangal antardasha present these results abut antardasha of 1 in different's mahadasha is much more chaotic and recommends Shraddha and Saboori!

Reproductive organs, renal methods (Proven by Mangal, & seventh and eighth home) are the worst affected on this yuti & they offer up sooner than other folks.

Inconsistency of strategy/efforts: in 2nd home - Not speaking a lot most of the time, retaining quiet and many others however when the individual talks - it is with aggression, fast/quick etc. So each Shani and Mangal surface from time to time and never a mixed results as one would expect.

The results are more extreme if one or each of them are wakri.

The consequences are a lot much less if the rashi-swami of those two is properly placed, nicely aspected by Guru and never astangat.

Since you can see Shani Mangal yuti reveals several violent past karma with siblings, land associated issues, blood associated issues and particularly past conduct with masses. Also several karmic burden with the homes they own in your horoscope. The more the gap between these two, lesser is a depth of the past karma. It reveals lesser depth of occasions in this life or limited losses or limited well being points or minor injuries. Nearer they're - more well being points and more severity of accidents or surgical procedure etc.

We have now simply seen the adverse facets of this yuti - right here is several counterpoint besides "Well being" facet!

Mangal's aggression is curbed a bit or more by Shani and it is channeled or centered to limited or helpful things.

An individual tends to know his/her limits and this limits the hurt which alone Mangal or alone Shani causes. i.e. this yuti though of opposites - dietary supplements one another a bit. Like Sizzling and Chilly water when combined - The temperature reduces to a suitable level.

Nevertheless these results are seen when there's sufficient distance between these two. The more the space, lesser the karmic issues.

The more the space the Gochar Shani or Mangal wouldn't side them on the same time and would have diminished damage. Also their particular maha or antardasha and particularly, antardasha inside one another's mahadasha!

GURU drushti can scale back the unhealthy effects fairly a bit particularly the depth - an operation as an alternative of an accident! This is normally a enormous distinction!

Divyayogashop provide expert tantrik based pandit for this Ghat ypg havan. For this havan we need your name, father's name, gotra (optional) with photo.

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