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Dwarka is the legendary metropolis, the residing place of Lord (bhagawan) Krishna, on the coast of the Arabian...
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Dwarkadhish Hawan

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About Dwarkadhish

Dwarka is the legendary metropolis, the residing place of Lord (bhagawan) Krishna, on the coast of the Arabian Sea, the intense west shoreline of Gujarat (Jamnagar district). The identify Dwarka is resulting from the Sanskrit phrase 'dvar' meaning door or gate. Dwarka It's among the many seven historic metropolitan areas of India, which is well-known for the Dwarkadhish temple (mandir) and because the place the place Lord Krishna dominated his kingdom. Due to this fact, it is amongst the most important pilgrimage spot for the Hindus.
Moreover the ruling place of Shree Lord Krishna, Dwarka is the place the place Lord (bhagawan) Vishnu killed the demon named Shankhasura. Moreover this historic occasion, the Puranas (a holy e-book of Hindus) one of many twelve JyotirLingas (columns of lights) particularly manifesting Lord (bhagawan) Shiva named Nageshwar Mahadev is within the sanctified place of Dwarka.

A preferred perception is that this metropolis has drowned six occasions within the Arabian Sea after Lord (bhagawan) Krishna departed from the Earth and the current Dwarka is the seventh such metropolis that was reestablished close to the positioning of outdated Dwarka.

Sri Krishna deserted the battle in Mathura for the sake of the betterment of the people dwelling in that metropolis. Due to this fact, it was named 'Ranchodrai'. He determined to go away Mathura and based the Dwarka metropolis.

After this Dwarkadhish Hawan we send you this Dwarkadhish Yantra, and Dwarkadhish Gutika.

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