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Durga havan for protection

Buy Durga havan for protection

Mata Durga in accordance with well-liked Hindu conception is the divine daughter of Himalaya, and his spouse...

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Durga Mata Hawan

This Durga Mata Hawan beneficial for - Protect for enemy, Protected from all kind of problems

About Durga Mata

Mata Durga in accordance with well-liked Hindu conception is the divine daughter of Himalaya, and his spouse, Menaka, a Manasputri of Brahma, the Creator. It's said within the Markandeya Purana that although she pervades the World, and is co-in depth with formation, but she manifests and incarnates herself on particular events with a view to assist the Devas within the efficiency of their divine work. Although thus manifested and incarnated, she is neither restricted nor conditioned however is Nitya or Eternal.

The mata is often known as the spouse of Lord (bhagawan) Shiva and the mom of Laxmi, Mata saraswati, Bhagawan ganesha and Kartikeya. She has ten fingers out of which she holds totally different arms in eight of her palms and conch and lotus in the remaining two. Even the Pauranic Durga or Uma has been described because the Mom of Lord (bhagawan) Brahma, Lord (bhagawan) Vishnu and Lord (bhagawan) Shiva, and but she has been depicted because the consort of the final-named Bhagawan of the trinity (trideva).

She was born absolutely grown, created out of flames that issued from the mouth of Lord brahma, Lord vishnu, Lord shiva and different Gods personified of their collective power. All of the Gods within the heaven had created her to kill a fierce demon known as Mahisasura who had been terrorizing the Gods in heaven and the boys on earth. She was armed with the arms of each Bhagawan in order that she may kill him. She sat on a lion and gone and killed Mahisasura. Mata Durga as worshiped by the Hindus, is the Primordial Power of the World that creates upholds and destroys. It's by way of Her imaginative and prescient or glimpse of the Total and Infinite is possible. She is neither the Daybreak, nor the Night time, nor the Sun, nor any lovely and great occurrence of Nature; however she is the very essence on which the whole lot that's subsists. She is the Brahmamaya by way of which the World has been manifested.

After this Durga Mata Hawan we send you this Durga Mata Yantra, and Durga Mata Gutika.

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