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Sarvamangala devi puja


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Sarvamangala Shakthi Peetham is talked about in Padma Purana, Vayu Purana, and Agni Purana and Tantric works...
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Sarvamangala devi puja for Positive thinking

Beneficial for Sarvamangala Devi Puja - Good Health, Wealth, positive thinking.

About Sarvamangala Devi.

Sarvamangala Shakthi Peetham is talked about in Padma Purana, Vayu Purana, and Agni Purana and Tantric works. In line with Vayu Purana, Gayasura was an important devotee of Lord Vishnu. He carried out rigorous penance and was blessed by Lord Vishnu. He had such powers that anybody who got here involved with him can be absolved of his sins. Gayasura wished everybody to realize Mukthi. This received Indra worried. In order that they determined to show Gayasura a lesson. The Trimurthis (Lord Brahma, Vishnu and Ishwar) got here to Gayasura within the guise of three Brahmins. They wished to carry out Yagna and requested Gayasura for a chunk of land. The Trimurthis determined to carry out the Yagna on his physique as no place was as sacred as his physique for the Yagna. The Yagna can be accomplished in seven days. Gayasura agreed and began counting the times with the crowing of the cock within the morning. On the sixth day, Lord Shiva, with the intention of spoiling the Yagna crowed in the course of the night. Gayasura mistook it for morning and commenced to shake his body. The Yagna couldn't be completed. Thus the Trimurthis made him realise that it's not attainable for him to hold the sins of everybody. They granted a boon to him that this place can be as sacred as he was. Thus Gaya is taken into account as a really sacred place. The physique obtained reworked into a number of rocky hills which type the topography of the area. The gods determined to take a seat on these rocks, thus there are a number of temples on these hill rocks in Gaya. Thus the place will get its title from the devil Gayasura.

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