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Shivani temple (mandir) presents a novel fruits of divine entities of Mata Kali and Mata Durga. Dedicated to...
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Mata Shivani puja for Love

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About Mata Shivani.

Shivani temple (mandir) presents a novel fruits of divine entities of Mata Kali and Mata Durga. Dedicated to Shivani Maa, the temple (mandir) is the personification of supreme energy of the feminine Mata within the Hindu mythology. It's believed that the Mata on this temple (mandir) is a mixture of Goddesses, specifically Durga Maa and Kali Maa. temple (mandir) positioned within the metropolis of Kanker of Chhattisgarh, Shivani temple (mandir) evokes an extreme sense of awe and respect among the many ardent devotees who go to the non secular place with the intention to search divine blessings and everlasting happiness. The well-known Shivani temple (mandir) boasts of a wealthy historic ancestry and non secular legacy that has percolated to the trendy occasions by means of myths, tales and folklores. One of many distinguished locations of vacationer vacation spot of Chhattisgarh, the sacred monument of Shivani temple (mandir) boasts of an beautiful structure that shows the engineering talent and artistic creativeness of the native indigenous inhabitants of the traditional times. Shivani temple (mandir) wears an ornamental look on particular festive event of Navaratri which is widely known with a lot enthusiasm and devotion. The devotees of Shivani Maa collect within the holy premises of the temple (mandir) to pay their obeisance and search divine intervention of their daily common relationships. Chhattisgarh is thought for its spiritual variety and assorted cultural and social life. The presence of quite a few non secular monuments solely attests to the wealthy historicity of Chhattisgarh. The awe inspiring Shivani temple (mandir) is one such instance of the devotion and dedication of the indigenous folks to the Supreme Being. The town of Kanker is definitely accessible from all elements of Chhattisgarh by nicely maintained roads and railways. Shivani temple (mandir) is likely one of the main sights of town of Kanker.

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