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Maa Mangala Chandika temple (mandir) is an historical temple (mandir) positioned on the banks of Rudra Sarovar...
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Mata Mangala chandi puja for Happiness

Beneficial for Mangala Chandi Puja - Happiness, peace of mind, Joyful life .

About Mata Mangala Chandi.

Maa Mangala Chandika temple (mandir) is an historical temple (mandir) positioned on the banks of Rudra Sarovar. King Vikramaditya visited Miyani (previously often known as Minalpur) thirty kms away from the port metropolis of Porabandar which was dominated by Prabhatsen Chavda of Chawda dynasty. At Miyani, Devi is worshipped within the type of Triyantra. Vikramaditya was blessed by Devi Harasiddhi and the king requested the Devi to come back over to his kingdom, Ujjain, in order that he may pooja her daily. Accordingly, King Vikramaditya constructed the temple (mandir) for Harasiddhi devi on the west shoreline. Mangala Chandika is often known as Vahanvati Mata. Harasiddhi Darwaja is the opposite identify for the temple (mandir). Within the Garba griha, Devi Annapurna, Harasiddhi and Mata kali are positioned vertically one over the other. A Sri yantra is carved within the temple (mandir) and is worshipped too. The doorway of the temple (mandir) resulting in the Sanctum Sanctorum (Garbha griha) has photographs of fifty Matrikas painted on the roof of the hall. There's additionally a pillar with yr 1447 carved on it. The temple (mandir) campus has large Deepa stambas (top of fifteen ft) on the entrance. These stambas are embellished with lights throughout Navaratri.
Prayageshwar Lord shiva linga is close to Harasiddhi shakthi peeth. There isn't a Kapilambara Shiva linga in Ujjain. On the entrance of the steps resulting in the temple (mandir) is the idol of a lion with the mata driving on it. On the correct aspect of the door, there are large Nagada which is used throughout morning and night Aarti. There's additionally the temple (mandir) of Adi Shakti Mahamaya within the temple (mandir) complex.

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