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The Devi Bahula arrived at Kotalipara in Faridpur. The picture of Mahadev has been worshiped by the Brahmachari...
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Mata Bahula puja for Success

Beneficial for Mata Bahula Puja - Success, good relationship, Positive thinking.

About Mata Bahula.

The Devi Bahula arrived at Kotalipara in Faridpur. The picture of Mahadev has been worshipped by the Brahmachari household for many years. On this age she is enshrined as Maheshwari in Bengal. With this acquired identify of the World Mom she brings peace and pleasure to the world. Omnipresent and blissful she breaks all bonds of human being attachment. Expensive to all heavenly and earthly creatures, she wins over human beings together with her divine power. This narration of the Mahastotram will convey pleasure and luxury to all. Salutation to Biswamata who resides amidst us and past us. The harbinger of excellent and purity untainted and benign. I shall Bisheshwari Biswamata, who's also called Devi Chandika. Related to all of the Devas the Mata drives away all types of diseases. She is revered within the universe by Brahma, Load vishnu and Lord shiva. In Hingula she is worshipped as Kottari Devi and at Karabi as Mahuishamardini. Because the Candy scented Sunanda and within the mountains of the snow linga as Mom Mahamaya. Because the flaming Ambika and in Jullandhar as Tripurasundari. At Manas because the daughter of Daksha and because the Destroyer of Daksha yagna. As Bimala in Shankhakhetra and as Ganda Ki Gandaki chandi in Ganda Desha. At Bahula as Bahula Mata and as Mangalchandi in Ujjaini. In Chardranath as Kalyani, in Tripura as Tripurasundari. In Tirotay as Amari Devi, within the blue mountains as Kamakhhya. In Kshirkhand as Yugadya, in Bengal as Devi Kalika. In Prayag Kamalatika, in Jayanti as Jayanti. In Godavari as Biswamatrika, in Varanasi as Annapurna. In Kurukshetra as savitri, in Manibandhar as Gayatri. In Shree Shaila as Maha Lakshmi, in Kanchi desha as devagarbha. In Kalmadhav as Mata kali, as Shonakshi in Amarkantaka. In Ramgiri asShibani, in Haridwar as Bhairavi Para. In pure fireplace as Narayani, as Barahi in 5 Oceans. As Aparna in Kartoatat, as Sundari in Shree Parbatanallampur. In Bibhas as Bhainkari Bhima, as Chandrabhaga in Prabhas. In Kokamukh as Konkeshwari, in Janasthan as Bhramari Siddhidhatri. AS Chandika in Trisrot, in Ratnabali as Shiba Kumari. In Mithila as Uma, in Nalhati as Devi Nalateshwari. In Tara as Tarani, in Ranakhanda as Bahulaxmi Bhayankari. In Manibed as savitri, in Jessore as Jessoreswari. Vindhyabasini in Vindhyashekhare, as Fullora in attachasya. As Shibduti in Ugrachanda, as Mahishmardini in Bakreshwar. Victory is bestowed by the Mahamaya defeating all evil worldly forces. She dispels all fears of Demons, Jakshas, Rakshas, Ghosts, Robbers and tigers. She takes away extreme diseases and offers power and happiness. The Giver of devotion, she bestows bliss and success overcoming the destructive results of the 9 planets. She dispels all nightmares advert brings desires of pleasure and a good relationship.

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