Bagalamukhi sadhana Shivir

शिवानंद दास जी के मार्गदर्शन मे

दो दिवसीय

बगलामुखी साधना शिविर

Sat+Sun (27th-28th oct. 2018) at Vajreshwari. Near Mumbai

१२५००० मंत्र जप पुर्णाहुती

इन लोगो के लिये सबसे ज्यादा लाभदायक है जो इस क्षेत्र मे कार्य कर रहे है. जैसे कि

आज इस कलियुग मे हर ब्यक्ति को बगलामुखी साधना करनी चाहिये... जो हर तरह की समस्याओ से घिरा हो, शत्रु परेशान कर रहे हो, सरकारी कामो मे अडचने आ रही हो, भयंकर वाद-्विवाद चल रहा हो, छुपे दुश्मनो की संख्या बढ रही हो, कोर्ट की कारवाईयो से परेशान हो, दुकान-्ब्यवसाय ठप्प पड गये हो,........ तो जरूर इस साधना को करना चाहिये. माता बगलामुखी की कृपा से मनुष्य को संपूर्ण रूप से समृद्धि के साथ सुरक्षा भी मिलती है.


Fees 7500/- Including- Sadhana samagri (Baglamukhi Yantra, Baglamukhi mala, Panchanguli siddha parad gutika, Baglamukhi Panchanguli asan, Baglamukhi shrangar, Siddha Chirmi beads, Gomati chakra, Tantrokta nariyal, White kaudi, Siddha Rakshasutra, haldi ganesh, Siddha Rudraksha and more.) + Baglamukhi Diksha by Guruji+ Living with Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner.

Call for booking- 91 8652439844

Mon.-Sun. 11:00 – 21:00
91 8652439844

Buy Mahakali devi puja

MahaKali is The identify Mata kali derives from the Sanskrit root phrase Kal that means time. Nothing escapes...
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Mahakali devi puja for Power

Beneficial for Mahakali Devi puja - Shakti (Power), protect form enemy.

About Mahakali Devi.

MahaKali is The identify Mata kali derives from the Sanskrit root phrase Kal that means time. Nothing escapes from time. Mata kali takes away the darkness from each particular person who strives within the path of perfection by performing the non secular disciplines of purifying austerities. Pooja to Her brings peace and psychological fulfillment - a devotee is at all times helped by the cosmic power. It's good to have religion and to supply the prayer (prarthana) on Mata kali pooja to any temple (mandir) or to hope at residence,incase u discover it not possible or troublesome to carry out pooja your self,then you possibly can take the assistance of our realized brahmins who will carry out this pooja in your name. Individuals believes that it's very best for eliminating evils eye, Black Magic and buying success of their works and of their lives as per historical vedic shastra. Individuals go for Maha Kaali Puja/Homa for eradicating the concern, the impact of unhealthy individuals' evil forces or Black magic from their total family. Additionally for bringing peace and happiness of their household or individually. To decrease our ego and all destructive tendencies that hinder non secular progress and materials prosperity as per historic vedic shastra.

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