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Devi Bhramaramba (Bhramari) means the Mom of bees. As soon as upon a time, a devil named Arunaasura...
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Bhramaramba devi puja for protection against enemy

Beneficial for Bhramaramba Devi Puja - Shakti (Power), protect form enemy.

About Bhramaramba Devi.

Devi Bhramaramba (Bhramari) means the Mom of bees. As soon as upon a time, a devil named Arunaasura dominated the entire world. Chanting Gayatri mantra, he carried out Tapasya for a really very long time, and happy Lord (bhagawan) Brahma. Arunaasura, wished that he shouldn't be killed by feeted and 4 feeted creatures. Lord (bhagawan) Brahma granted his wish. With this want of Arunaasura, Devathas had been anxious and prayed Adi Shakti. She appeared and instructed that, Arunaasura is her commit and might,t be killed except he stops worshiping her. As per the plan of Devathas, Brihaspathi(Jupiter), the Deva guru meets Arunaasura. The devil puzzled and requested Brihaspathi the explanation for his visit. Brihaspathi instructed him that, as each of them pooja the identical deity, the Gayatri, there is no such thing as a surprise if he meets him. Arunaasura felt ashamed of himself for worshiping Gayatri, who can be being worshiped by Devathas and stopped worshiping her. With this Adi Shakti grew to become offended and took the type of Bhramari / Bhramarambika. She created innumerable bees, which have six legs. These bees killed Arunaasura and his complete military inside seconds.

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