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Chandra grahan pujan


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By performing puja on the day of chandra grahan (lunar eclipse) you will get protection from...
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Chandra (moon) Grahan Pujan

When The Moon Will get Darkish

Chandra Grahan- 8th nov. 2014

Chandra Grahan- 4th april. 2015

Chandra Grahan- 27th sept. 2015

Chandra Grahan- 23rd march. 2016

Chandra (moon) Grahan (Lunar Eclipse)

Chandra (moon) Grahan or lunar eclipse takes place when the earth obstructs the light of the Sun on the Moon because it is available in between the Sun and the Moon. This casts a shadow on Moon and this incidence is termed as Chandra (moon) Grahan or Lunar Eclipse.

This type of state of affairs is related when the earth, Sun and Moon are linearly aligned to every other. In such a place, the earth hinders the source of illumination of the Moon also it will get shadowed down by the earth’s shadow.

Legends Of Chandra (moon) Grahan

Chandra (moon) Grahan or lunar eclipse takes place when earth is available in between the sun and moon.As per the traditional Hindu textual content of Matsya Purana, Dhanvantari Goddess emerged out of the ocean to appease the battle between gods and demons throughout Samudra Manthan. She was holding a pot of Amrit (elixir of immortality).

Finally, the gods have been profitable in gaining management over the Amrit and the demons have been resisted from the drink. Though, the demons needed to bite the dust, one in all them named Swarbhanu disguised himself as one of many gods and managed to take a sip of the drink of immortality.

His pretence ended quickly as he was sitting between Sun and Moon who notified Lord (bhagawan) Vishnu of the demon’s pretend identity. On figuring out about this, Lord (bhagawan) Vishnu cut Swarbhanu into two halves. The head portion of the demon is referred to as Rahu and the tail portion is called Ketu.

Since, it was the Sun and the Moon that led to his publicity following his death, he's believed to engulf the Sun and the Moon each time they arrive at proximity. Thus, the day of Grahan can also be related to damaging power and an inauspicious period to provoke important tasks.

However, what are the pujan that must be performed on Chandra (moon) Grahan 2014? Let’s check out the pujan of Chandra (moon) Grahan.

Pujan On Chandra (moon) Grahan

Individuals perform fasts to guard themselves from the ill-results of Rahu and Ketu on Chandra (moon) Grahan (lunar eclipse). The fast begins around 9-10 hours ahead of the Chandra Grahan or lunar eclipse.

Treatments of Moon are additionally part of the ritual when the results of the Moon is tranquilized with using Chandra (moon) Mantras or Chandra Puja. It's referred to be an excellent time for dedication of Mantras to Lord (bhagawan).

You can perform Grahan dosha removing puja on this day.

By performing puja on the day of chandra grahan (lunar eclipse) you will get protection from enemy and evil energy.

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