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Pitru-Shradh is a puja performed for atma shanti for your passed fatherly and motherly near and beloved ones.
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Pitra-Shraddh Pujan

Shradh- 17th sept. to 30 sept 2016

Pitru-Shradh puja including (Shradh Puja + Pitra Dosha Puja)

Pitru-Shradh is a puja performed for atma shanti for your passed fatherly and motherly near and beloved ones. Remember this is a ritual for indicating a person's respectful feelings for the ancestors and forefathers with respect. It allays the sufferings of your passed dear ones. Delighting ancestors and forefathers before God is promoting or boosting well-being. Pitra Kriya is more rich in consequence or implication than Dev Kriya. Garud Purana, Matsya Purana, Vishnu Purana, Vayu Purana and other sacred scriptures (shastra) as Manu Smriti etc. give an account or representation of Shraddh.

Shraddh is the ritual performed to gratify one's ancestors. By simply in the texts that a person that would not perform the Shraadh of his passed fatherly and maternal near and beloved ones has to bear much in life and even after.

From the ancient Indian sacred text Garud Puraan and other Puraans it is clearly mentioned that by offering this puja to the ancestors and forefathers and departed dear ones, their souls feel satisfied and so they bless the individual with prosperity, kids, wisdom, pleasures, delights, with lengthy and happy life. We carry out "Shradh" on the day when our ancestors and forefathers left us for heavenly abode i. e on their death anniversary. If an individual doesn't to have knowledge on the dates of passing such a person ought to do Shraddh on the moonless night (Amavasya) every month or must in the month of shradh.

Implication of Shradh Chaturdashi Tithi

For forefathers who have got passed away due to any weapon, poison or accidents, their Shradh is carried out on Chaturdashi and for forefathers who passed away on Chaturdashi, their Shradh is carried out on Amavasya

However this vital death ceremony (shraadh) is one of a very overlooked Hindu traditions in the present day society. vedic phrase 'jiva jivasya jivanam' the living entity survives by feeding upon a different living body who consequently survives by feeding on another living body.

Good thing about Ancestor Pujan on Pitru Paksha

Performing this puja for ancestors and forefathers ensure that prosperity to their descendants and thus receiving constructive powers for development. The descendant also gets positive aspects from the pitra/forefathers to help him significantly. This will greatly help the person to succeed religiously as the material obstructions or issues eliminated. This puja is extremely effective and effects on health wellness and curing severe conditions. This is being carried out to get recovery from chronic disorders and other body aliments. Those who suffer habitually being affected by any aliments shall try out this puja performed for early recuperation. This puja is especially suited to Good results in Business or Profession , Protection against Evils and Adversaries.

Pitra Dosh Nivaran through Pitru paksha Pujan

Person having one of five nakshatra (Mool - Magha - Ashwini - Revti- Jyeshtha) called pitra dosha or mool dosha.

Malefic effects of Jupiter are also be regarded due to pitra dosh. It isn't a problem of ancestors and forefathers. It seems in the kundli of a person because of the past bad karmas of his ancestors and forefathers. Essentially, he has to pay for those actions by going through the having difficulties which has been determined for all those karmic deeds. This tends to go on until these karmic debts are removed either by distress or by the good deeds which have been caused by the individual who has the pitra dosha. It is only like a child gets the assets and debts of his ancestors and forefathers in this materialistic world, the consequences past karmas are also forwarded to the decedents. To relieve yourself of pitra dosha we should always do shraadh/pitrapaksh puja on every Amavasya and also in the shraadh days in the month of Ashwin to have advantage and benefit to the best possible scale.

If Jupiter is in his symbol of debilitation and connected with a malefic one can find his life destroyed in all good wishes due to malefic effects of planet Jupiter. The Pitra Dosha made by the Jupiter, in kundli, associated with the Sins fully commited by forefathers. Appeasing divinity of the related planet creating Pitra Dosha in kundli of a person is must, to get rid of the problems came from due to them. Otherwise, the significance of Pitra Dosha continues to think in the birth charts of continuous generation. Furthermore the people going through the main and sub period of jupter ( Brahaspati mahadasha and antardasha) are recommended to perform the shraadh puja so that massive of distress or debts are decreased.

Shradh pujan reduces negative effect of Kaalsarp Dosha

Kalsarpa dosha is also reduced and successful outcomes are attained by performing the shraadh puja by getting the blessings of ancestors and forefathers. Childless couples and people confronting hindrance to get monetary benefits due to kaal sarp dosha when do this puja are benefited to a great extent.

For the duration of pitru paksha pujan/shradh pujan or tarpan certain vedic shlokas are chanted to pacify our forefathers/ancestors to have their blessings. This ved-dhwani if played during shradh days helps the persons or pitra puja performers to obtain maximum blessings of pitras or ancestors and forefathers.

This ceremony is completed by 3 Pandit (brahmin) as per the prescribed rituals giving clothes and food, etc and blessings are sought. After that it is customary to complete poor feeding. We provide lunch to the 51/101/151/201/251 poor people. We perform both sorts of choices for max 'tarpan' (relief).

Advantage of Shradh, Pitra Dosha Pujan and Daan

Shradh and Pitra dosha Pujan and daan is very useful for gaining success in the subsequent

  • To enhance monetary wealth and harmony.
  • To get immovable assets.
  • To Smooth performing of business.
  • To reduce the malefic effect of afflicted Jupiter.
  • To obtain siddhi.
  • For generally materialistic and spritual growth.
  • For nice results and higher education and learning of students.

All of the above poojas have been carried out by tantra sadhaks by preserve uncontaminated holiness and including vedic and tantra based rituals for getting rapid results.
Only your belief, confidence and perception provides the good results

Shradh puja muhurth

  • Day: 17th sept. to 30 sept 2016 or any Amavasya
  • Direction: South
  • Time: After sunset

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