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Ashwin navratri puja

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We celebrated Navratri five times a year. These are Magh Navaratri, Vasant Navratri, Ashad Navratri, Ashwin Navaratri and Shakambari Navratri..
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Ashwin Navratri Pujan

Ashwin navratri date: 2nd oct 2016 to 11th oct 2016

We celebrated Navratri five times a year. These are Magh Navaratri, Vasant Navratri, Ashad Navratri, Ashwin Navaratri and Shakambari Navratri. Of them, the Ashwin Navaratri and the Vasant Navaratri of the chaitra are important. Another two navratra's are called gupt navratra meant for sadhaks. It is stated in Agni Purana that the Chaitra and Ashwin are like both jaws of Lord (bhagawan) Yama. By worshipping on these two navratras one is shielded from the disfavour of yama. Ashwin navratri also called sharad or durga navratri has the strength to cover the individual from harmful forces and propitiate Shakti to bestow upon us riches, prosperity, wisdom both holy and secular, and other necessary optimistic energies.

Durga Pujan

Navratri pujan is a sacred festival of Maata Durga. Navratri is a heavenly solemnisation involving nine nights of worship. The Nine Nights of Maata Durga has a great significance in terms of spiritual and material gain. To rejuvenate ourselfs, both body and soul divyayogashop tune with the creative energies that come to the fore associated with nine navratri nights. Over these Durga Pujan or Ashwin or Sharad navratri fortunate days, extensive prayer is offered to request earnestly Maata Durga and Kali for blessings.

Ashwin (Sharad) Navratri pujan advantages

Ashwin or Durga Navratri Puja and Daan is extremely useful for gaining success in the subsequent:

  • To succeed over enemies/adversaries/lawsuits.
  • To eradiacate financial loans as well as get wealth.
  • To provide a favorable situations / positions.
  • To promote/improve and accerlerate business issues.
  • To enhance vigorous family relationships.
  • To get sadhana sidhi.
  • For attainment of monetary wealth and stability.
  • For overall money-oriented and spritual growth.

Special Tantra based Anusthan during Ashwin Navratri

At that time of ashwin navratra divyayogashop performs these patha on behalf of personnel that proceeds for full ten days along with special tantra based pujan and anusthans as per the individuals horoscopic necessity.

Ashwin Navratri puja included

  • Shri Durga Saptashati Akhand Patha, Navaha Parayana
  • Shri Durga Saptashati samput akhand patha, navaha parayana
  • Shrimad-devi Bhagavad patha
  • Shri Ramcharitmanas akhand patha or navaha parayana


Nine days Navdurga puja on navratri

  • 1st day Shailputri mata puja
  • 2nd day Bramhacharini mata puja
  • 3rd day Chandraghanta mata puja
  • 4th day Kushmanda mata puja
  • 5th day Skanda mata puja
  • 6th day Katyayani mata puja
  • 7th day Kaalratri mata puja
  • 8th day Mahagauri puja
  • 9th day Sidhadatri mata puja

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