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Ashokashtami pujan


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निवास स्थान पर एनआर मौर्य अध्यक्षता में किया गया। इसमें आर्य समाज के लोगों ने धूमधाम से व्रत रख कर व अपने भाई बंधुओं को उपहार भेंट किए। गीतों एवं भजनों..
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अशोका अष्टमी पूजन

Ashoka Ashtami puja date 27th March 2015

Ashok Ashtami or Ashokastami is among the essential festivals devoted to Lord (bhagwan) Shiva and Goddess Shakti, the Mom Deity. Mostly in Orissa and West Bengal. Ashoka means the one who removes and protects from hurdles, obstacles and sorrow. Ashokashtami is often known as Bhavani Ashtami. On the day of Chaitra Shukla Astami, Deity Bhavani is worshipped as one of many Deity of Durga Navratri (Chaitra or Vasant Durga Navratri)
In line with the Hindu sacred texts and puranas, Lord (bhagwan) Sri Ram carried out the Ashok Astami Pujan as a way to slay demon Ravana. The parable says that Lord (bhagwan) Sri Ram was unable to demolish Ravanasura as he was being saved by the Mom Goddess, Goddess Shakti. Ashokastami is the day when Lord (bhagwan) Sri Ramachandra removed sorrow by the blessings of Lord (bhagwan) Shiva and the Mom Goddess, Shakti.
Vibhishana, one of many brothers of Ravana, devotee of Lord Sri Ram, suggested Lord Sri Ram to watch the rituals devoted to the Mom Goddess and Lord Shiva for seven consecutive days. Lord Sri Ram did as Vibhishana informed and blessed with the Goddess Shaktis divine energy. He demolished Ravana on the eighth day.

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