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Shri Girijatmaj puja


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Bhagawan Ganesha is worshiped as Girijatmaja. The Lord (bhagawan) is whispered to be his manifestation...
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Shri Girijatmaj Pooja

Beneficial for Shri Girijatmaj Puja -

About Shri Girijatmaj.

Bhagawan Ganesha is worshiped as Girijatmaja. The Lord (bhagawan) is whispered to be his manifestation as a child. Girija is one other identify for Mata Parvati and Atamaj means ‘Son’. This place is referred as Jirnapur or Lekhan Parbat in Bhagawan Ganesha Puran. Legend affirms about Mata Parvati’s creation of a kid from the filth of her physique, who's now worshipped by everyone. She most wanted to see her baby as an toddler and underwent extreme penance to realize this goal. Her want was granted and Bhagawan ganesha is claimed to have reincarnated himself as an toddler and enjoyed within the Lenayadri hills for twelve years. Within the Bhagawan ganesha Puranas, this Kukdi waterway financial institution located place is referred as Jirnapur or Lekhan Parbat. It is a rock craved mandir on a hill high and resembles with Buddha cave temples (mandir). Virtually sq. mandir [50 ft extensive and sixty toes long] is with out pillars and craved in Single rock. Girija is one in all different a number of names of Mata Paravati mom of and in Sanskrit language Atmaj means the son, that is from the place the identify Girijatmaj originated.

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