Vishnu gomti chakra

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Vishnu gomti chakra is energized by 1101 Vishnu mantra. It is beneficial for Good luck, Fulfills desires, Success in any task, Removes negative energies, Protection from evil effects...
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Vishnu Gomti Chakra

Vishnu gomti chakra is energized by 1101 Vishnu mantra. 

Benefits of Vishnu Gomti Chakra are:-

  • Good luck
  • Fulfills desires 
  • Success in any task
  • Removes negative energies 
  • Protection from evil effects
  • Win over enemies
  • Progress in work
  • Good health 
  • Life longevity
  • Increase in income
  • Wealth gain
  • Prosperity
  • Security from incidents and unnatural calamities
  • Family happiness
  • Peace in life
  • Prosperity

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