शिवानंद दास जी के मार्गदर्शन मे

पित्रव श्रपित दोष निवारण पूजन शिविर


14 OCT. 2023 at Vajreshwari near Mumbai.

वर्ष मे एकबार आने वाली सर्व पित्री अमावस्या के मुहुर्थ पर मुंबई के निकट वज्रेश्वरी में विशेष पूजन शिविर का आयोजन किया जा रहा है जिन लोगो की कुंडली मे पित्र दोष, हो यानी अश्लेशा, मघा, रेवती, ज्येष्ठा, मूल तथा अश्विनी नक्षत्र हो उन्हे इस पित्र पूजन मे तो अवश्य भाग लेना चाहिये. इसके अलावा सगाई शादी व्याह मे अडचन, धन का नुकसान, बच्चो की समस्या, नजर तंत्र बाधा से परेशान हो तो इस पूजन मे भाग लेना अनिवार्य माना हया है. इसमे पित्र पूजा के साथ श्रापित दोष निवारण पूजा भी करवाई जाती है, जिससे आपके पूर्वजो के द्वारा जाने अंजाने किये गये बुरे कार्य व पाप कर्म नष्ट हो जाते है. इस पूजन से आर्थिक रुकावटे, संतान की अडचन, विवाह मे अडचन, नजर तंत्र बाधा का असर खत्म होने लगता है.

इस पूजन मे भाग लेने के दो तरीके है एक तो शिविर मे आकर साधना में भाग ले सकते है दूसरा आप ऑनलाइन भी भाग ले सकते हैं अगर आप भाग लेना चाहते हैं तो नीचे लिंक दिया है वहां पर फॉर्म भरकर आप इस शिविर मे शामिल हो सकते हैं


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In Sanskrit, Panchagavya means the mix of five products obtained from cow. Panchagavya is produced from five products of the cow -- its dung, urine, milk, ghee and curd...
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In Sanskrit, Panchagavya means the mix of five products obtained from cow. Panchagavya is produced from five products of the cow -- its dung, urine, milk, ghee and curd. Since ages Panchagavya is being used by Hindus in traditional rituals. The makes use of and therapeutic properties of various components of Panchagavya are :

Cow Dung : Cow dung is anti-septic. It has anti-bacterial and fungicidal action. Thus a filtrate of the suspension made by totally mixing cow dung and water kinds one of the primary elements of skin ointments, that are helpful in critical pores and skin conditions like psoriasis, eczema and gangrene.
Cow Urine : The Cow 's urine, which is being sold underneath the label 'Reward of the Cow', is well-known for its medicinal property. Cow's urine has been described in Ayurveda as a therapeutic agent.

Cow Milk : In accordance with Ayurveda, cow milk supplies particular and unique nutrition that can not be derived from some other kind of food. Cow milk, when digested properly, nourishes all of the tissues, promotes balanced emotions, and helps to balance all the doshas. It is among the most essential meals to advertise Ojas (the power that maintains life).

Cow Ghee : In Ayurveda, cow's Ghee is believed to be one of the best for human consumption. It is full of nutritive qualities and a super food regimen for these coronary heart patients who are suffering on account of extreme cholesterol in their blood. Its regular consumption enhances bodily and mental energy, keeps the body healthy and will increase the potency of the body. It's not solely nutritive, but additionally helps in taking out the impurities from the body. It enhances eyesight, keeps muscular tissues and tendons healthy, and bone sturdy yet supple.

Curd/Dahi : Curd is a byproduct of cow milk. The Sanskrit identify is for curd is dahi. All of the leading practitioners of Ayurveda, including Charaka and Sushruta, have written on its qualities and usefulness. It is thought-about as one of the vital healthful meals objects throughout the world. Curd has its therapeutic worth in lots of diseases. It has been described as a tonic and is credited with the properties that forestall premature aging. Curd also brings aid to sufferers of diarrhoea and dysentery and is beneficial in chronic specific and non-particular colitis.

Panchagavya can be a traditional method, used to safeguard crops and soil micro-organisms and to extend plant production. Panchagavya application is found to be more worthwhile than really useful fertilizer application and chemical spray. The modified variations of panchakavya (distinctive liquid organic fertilizer) used for natural farming have been standarised by experimental trials.

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