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Budh pendent is charged by 1001 Budh mantra. Budh pendent is beneficial for Develops communication skill, Speech power, Success in every tasks, Cures nasal problems...
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Budh (Mercury) Pendent

Budh pendent is charged by 1001 Budh mantra. When Budh grah is wrongly positioned on horoscope it cause poor health and respiratory problems.

Benefits of Budh Pendent are:-

  • Develops communication skill 
  • Speech power 
  • Success in every tasks 
  • Cures nasal problems 
  • Materialistic development 
  • Fulfills all desire 
  • Protection from enemies 
  • Journey safety 
  • Happiness in relation 
  • Increase confidence 
  • Positivity 
  • Relief from sorrows & Anxiety 
  • Removes misfortune 
  • Prosperity
  • Peace in life

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