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दो दिवसीय

पंचांगुली साधना शिविर

Sat+Sun (8th-9th Sept. 2018) at Vajreshwari. Near Mumbai

१२५००० मंत्र जप पुर्णाहुती

इन लोगो के लिये सबसे ज्यादा लाभदायक है जो इस क्षेत्र मे कार्य कर रहे है. जैसे कि

ज्योतिष, अंकशास्त्र, हस्तरेखा शास्त्र, रमल शास्त्र, टेरोकार्ड, फेंग्शुई, वास्तु, रेकी हीलिंग, प्रानिक हीलिंग, टेलीपैथी, डिस्टेंस हीलिंग, फोटो थेरिपी, तंत्र-मंत्र साधक, व हर तरह के अध्यात्मिक उपचार करने वालो के लिये पंचांगुली साधना अनिवार्य मानी जाती है.


Fees 7500/- Including- Sadhana samagri (Panchanguli Yantra, Panchanguli mala, Panchanguli gutika, Panchanguli asan, Panchanguli shrangar, Siddha Chirmi beads, Gomati chakra, Tantrokta nariyal, White kaudi, Siddha Rakshasutra, Siddha Rudraksha and more.) + Panchanguli Diksha by Guruji+ Living with Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner.

Call for booking- 91 8652439844

Mon.-Sun. 11:00 – 21:00
91 8652439844

Rose Wood (Aniba Rosaeodora) oil

Buy Rose Wood (Aniba Rosaeodora) oil

Rosewood oil is a superb alternative for use within the skincare products. Witnessing not a lot healing components...
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Rose wood Oil for fever reduction

Beneficial for Rose wood (Aniba Rosaeodore) oil- Remove cold, coughs, fever.

About Rose wood (Aniba Rosaeodore) Oil

Rosewood oil is a superb alternative for use within the skincare products. Witnessing not a lot healing components, this important oil has complete its personal place in aromatherapy. Additional, it may even assist in treating respiratory scheme complexities, the sexual issues, and stress-associated situation. The important oil of rosewood blends notably effectively with all citrus and floral oils together with Orange, Bergamot, Neroli, Lime, Lemon, Grapefruit, Lavender, Jasmine, and Rose. Promising to spice up your spirits while you're emotion overburdened by the world, the oil casts a balancing motion impact on the thoughts and corpse. The aphrodisiac components of the oil are immensely helpful for finding out sexual issues akin to powerlessness and coldness. Certainly, charitable good ends in lowering complications, colds, coughs, fever, and infections; this important oil proves to be an actual enhance for the immune system.