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Graha Anushthan


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The Anushtan is organized for a particular world. The Anushtan removes the malefic results of the actual world...
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Graha Spell

The Anushtan is organized for a particular world. The Anushtan removes the malefic results of the actual world. The Anushthan contains of powerful mantras and stotras of specific world or graha. The Anushtan is also referred to as Graha Shanti Anushthan.

Graha or world is a cosmic influencer on the dwelling beings on the earth. Navagrahas are thought of to play a significant function in deciding the future of man. The Navagrahas are Surya (Sun), Chandra (Moon), Mangal (Mars), Budha (Mercury), Brihaspati (Jupiter), Shukra (Venus), Shani (Saturn), Rahu (North Lunar Node) and Ketu (South Lunar Node). It's believed that these nine planetary deities affect human lives and is accountable for all good or dangerous instances, one faces in life.

The Nine Planets are:

1. Surya: Lord Surya or the Sun God it is beneficial for farm and publicity.

2.Chandra: Chandra is a lunar deity and is also called Soma. The Moon beneficial for represents the thoughts, female nature, magnificence and happiness.

3.Mangala: Mangala is beneficial for strongness , controls the muscular system of the physique.

4. Budha: Budha beneficial for supply good thoughts, stability, good enterprise and excellent resolution making powers in life.

5. Brihaspati : Brihaspati beneficial for diabetics, piles, tumors, liver malfunction, and blood cancer. Salvation and speculate.

6. Shukra : Shukra is beneficial for extra wealth, fortune and luxurious residing, love and passion, attraction, concord in relations and happiness in life.

7. Shani : Shani beneficial for illnesses, bronchial asthma, impotency, and tuberculosis, slim thoughts, low esteem amongst others and so on. Shani checks individual’s endurance and frustrations and delays, supply freedom from sorrows, poverty and psychological depressions.

8. Rahu: Rahu beneficial for faithfulness, profitable over opposition, to journey abroad, getting married, childlessness, fame and good luck in life.

9. Ketu: Kethu means comet. It's beneficial for good and unhealthy, spirituality and supernatural influences, sickness, poverty, realize occult data, mystic skills and over all happiness in life.

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