Parad kit for debt

Parad kit for debt included....Parad Lakshmi charan paduka- approx 70 gram, Siddha Kanakadhara Yantra...
Parad kit for debt


Parad (Rasmani) kit for debt

Benefits for wealth and remove all financial obstacles

Parad kit for debt included....

Parad Lakshmi charan paduka- aprox 70 gram

Siddha Kanakadhara Yantra

Siddha Kanakadhara gutika

Siddha Ashta-lakshmi yantra

siddha Durga yantra

11 siddha gomati chakra

5 siddha black chirmi beads

5 Siddha white chirmi beads

5 siddha Red chirmi beads

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