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Kamadhenu also called Surabhi is a divine bovine-goddess described in Hindu mythology because the...
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Kamdhenu Mala

Beneficial for Kamdhenu Rosary - Fulfill Desire, Protection, Power.

About Kamdhenu.

This Kamdhenu Rosary charge by Mata Durga Mantra. Kamadhenu also called Surabhi is a divine bovine-goddess described in Hindu mythology because the mom of all cows. She is a miraculous "cow of loads" who supplies her proprietor no matter he wishes and is usually portrayed because the mom of different cattle in addition to the eleven Rudras. In iconography, she is mostly depicted as a white cow with a feminine cranium and breasts or as a white cow containing varied deities inside her corpse. All cows are honored in Hinduism because the earthly embodiment of the Kamadhenu. As such, Kamadhenu shouldn't be worshipped independently as a mata, and temples (mandir) should not devoted to her respect alone; moderately, she is privileged by the worship of cows typically all through the observant Hindu population. Kamadhenu, the sacred cow which grants all needs and wishes, is an essential a part of Hindu mythology. This divine cow, which lifestyles in swargalok (heaven), emerged from the ocean of milk (kshira-sagar) on the time of samudra-manthan (the nice churning of the ocean by the gods (suras) and demons (asuras). It was introduced to the seven sages by the Gods, and in course of time got here into the possession of Sage Vasishta.

You can wear it or keep in worship place also.

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