Chintamani rosary

Shri Chintaamani is taken into account to be one of many Ashta Vinayak shrines of Maharashtra, celebrating...
Chintamani rosary


Chintamani Mala

Beneficial for Chintamani Rosary - Fulfill your desires, Needs, Make shanti in house.

About Chintamani

This Chintamani Rosary Charged by Lord Ganesha Mantra.

Shri Chintaamani is taken into account to be one of many Ashta Vinayak shrines of Maharashtra, celebrating eight situations of mythology associated to Bhagawan ganesha. The mandir at Thevoor, close to Pune in Maharashtra State, enshrines the icon of Chinthamani Vinayaka. This mandir and the deity pertains to the legend of Kapila Rishi and the Chinthamani gem that he had provided from Lord shiva. An east-going through picture of Lord Ganesha is enshrined on this mandir , which has fascinating options comparable to gold inlays. This mandir is intently related to the Maratha ruler Madhavrao Peshwa. The legend around this mandir facilities on the Chinthamani gem. Sage Kapila was in possession of a gem by title Chinthamani which was able to granting one's needs. He was as soon as visited by a younger prince (son of Gunavati and Abhijita) by identify Guna. The sage invoked the powers of the gem and shaped a luxurious meal for the prince. The prince charmed by the facility of the gem, stole it from the sage. A damage Kapila Rishi prayed to Vinayaka for help. Vinayaka restored the gem from the prince. Nevertheless the sage refused to simply accept it. He had urbanized such a conviction that when Lord Ganesha is Himself accessible for him, present was no need to have gem like Chinthamani. This Chinthamani Gem had additionally discovered it strategy to Devaloka.

You can wear it or keep in worship place also.

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