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Crystal Tree


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Crystal trees, are a preferred treatment within the conventional feng shui faculty applications. Very first thing to...
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Feng Shui Crystal Tree

About Crystal Tree

Crystal trees, are a preferred treatment within the conventional feng shui faculty applications. Very first thing to note is using particular crystals in a tree, as every gem tree will normally include one kind of crystals, thus important its feng shui application. There's all kinds of feng shui gem trees in the marketplace, from amethyst gem trees to agate and still pearl and coral trees.
For instance, citrine is a mineral used for wealth and profusion functions in feng shui, so a citrine tree shall be used within the Wealth space, which is the Southeast space of your Bagua. A jade gem tree can be utilized for well being within the East. A rose quartz is clearly for coronary heart issues, love and romance, and is sweet within the Southwest space of the Bagua. Generally you'll come throughout a brightly combined gem tree, which is great to be used in your Youngsters and Originality area. Swarowski crystals are very fairly, however they don't have a powerful feng shui power as a result of they've lead in them. Finest feng shui gem trees are made from natural/untreated rock crystals. If you want to, you can certainly add some Swarowski crystals to your tree for shine and sparkle, but a whole tree made just from Swarowski crystals may not have the energy you want from this feng shui cure. As to the shape and number of crystals, the more crystals, the better! After all, the tree symbolizes stability and growth, as well as a long life, so the idea is that in time you get more and more of what you focus upon/the seed of your planted intent. So, the visual of a feng shui gem tree is often one of abundance, like leaves on a tree, you will want to have the visual of too many to depend crystals in your gem tree. You'll be able to add sure enhancements to a crystal tree, for instance, Chinese coins for profusion, and that is the place you should use auspicious feng shui numbers, similar to eight or nine Chinese coins. The identical rule of particular numbers will apply to "fruit or flowers gem trees" that means a feng shui gem tree with crystal fruits or flowers, comparable to apples for peaceable vitality, peach for good well being or peony flowers for sensual love. Remember to place your gem tree by following the rules for greatest positioning of feng shui cures and good luck! All of our Gem trees are handcrafted utilizing the best high quality materials together with non-tarnish wire.

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