Kali kavach for enemy

This Kali kavach is charged by Mahakali mantra. it is protect from all kind of evil eye and enemies.
Kali kavach for enemy


Kali kavach- Protection from enemies

This Kali kavach is charged by Mahakali mantra. it is protect from all kind of evil eye and enemies.

The love relating the Divine Maata and her human kids is a distinctive relationship. Kali, the Dark Mom is one such deity with whom devotees have an extremely loving and intimate bond, despite her fearful appearance. On this relationship, the worshiper turns into a child and Kali assumes the shape of the ever-caring mother."O Mom, even a dullard turns into a poet who meditates upon thee raimented with space, three-eyed, creatrix of the three worlds, whose waist is gorgeous with a girdle product of numbers of lifeless male's arms..."

Who's Kali?
Kali is a fearful and ferocious type of the mom goddess. She assumed the type of a robust goddess and have become in style from your composition of the Devi Mahatmya, a textual content of the fifth - sixth century AD. Right here she is depicted as having born from the forehead of Goddess Durga throughout certainly one of her battles with the evil forces. Because the legend goes, in the battle, Kali was a lot involved in the killing spree that she obtained carried away and set out to destroying all the things in sight. To cease her, Lord Shiva threw himself below her feet. Shocked at this sight, Kali caught out her tongue in astonishment, and put an end to her homicidal rampage. Therefore the widespread picture of Kali exhibits her in her temper, standing with one foot on Shiva's chest, along with her huge tongue caught out.The Fearful Symmetry
Kali is represented with maybe the fiercest options amongst all of the world's deities. She has 4 arms, with a sword in a single hand plus the head of a demon in another. The opposite two hands bless her worshipers, and say, "fear not"! She has two lifeless heads for her earrings, a string of skulls as necklace, and a girdle made from human hands as her clothing. Her tongue protrudes from her mouth, her eyes are red, and her face and breasts are sullied with blood. She stands with one foot on the thigh, and one other on the chest of her husband, Shiva.
The Dark Mother and her kids share a loving and intimate bond. The devotee is Her little one and Kali is a ever-caring mother.

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