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Kavach for property


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This property kavach is charged by 11000 Vastu purusha and vastu mantra. It is protected from property related...
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Property kavach

This property kavach is charged by 11000 Vastu purusha and vastu mantra. It is protected from property related dispute or competitors. The Kavach have a lot of advantages like it combats nearly all of the sick-effects and unhealthy influences. Property kavach is especially customary for correcting the mistakes of a constructing, dwelling, workplace, or site that are wrongly constructed or created. Also, it eradicates the damaging energy or the sick effects ensuing from unfavorable location or position of rooms, buildings, properties, and also other properties by rendering constructive and type energies. Nonetheless, the kavach needs to be either buried beneath the bottom earlier or later to building with due rites or arrange in the worship room and later be worshiped.

  • Step one is to purify the physique and provoke with a optimistic and clear mind body
  • Face in the direction of east could be the very best to be seated
  • Ignite the lamp or the diya
  • Contemporary fruits and flowers can be laid on altar
  • Kavach needs to be exposed on the place from your Kavach deity's picture and one's favorable Bhagawan
  • Sprinkle water with any leaf on one self after which on the Kavach
  • Sublimate the soul and deliver oneself fully in dedication to Bhagawan
  • Lastly shut the eyes and give attention to the deity to bless with wishes. At this stage, one can ask Bhagawan with sincerity the need for all times that's to be fulfilled

Property kavach removes out the evil effects and helps in enhancing the status of cash, wealth, well being, and success for a cheerful and peaceable life.

Keep this kavach in worship place or office.

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