Havan for property

Vastu means the house of people and Gods. Vastu shastra वास्तु शास्त्र is an historic knowledge that makes one...
Havan for property


Vastu Shanti havan for property

Vastu means the house of people and Gods. Vastu shastra वास्तु शास्त्र is an historic knowledge that makes one get the advantages generously provided by the essential parts of the universe.

These fundamental elements are आकाश (SKY), पृथ्वी (EARTH), जल (WATER), अग्नि (FIRE), and वायु (WIND).

Vaastu Shanti pooja is initially a pooja of lord and deity of directions, 5 elements of nature too as natural forces and other associated stuffs.

We carry out Vaastu Shanti (Havan of deity and lord of nature and their particular elements and natural forces also as lord and deity of directions and surroundings) to take away any kind of Vaastu dosha whether it’s a land and constructing, nature or surroundings, by Vaastu shastra havan and avoid main modifications and demolition in the construction of building.

We should do Vaastu shanti havan in the following circumstances and avoid opposed effect (circumstances) by nature and environment.

  1. When one chooses against Vaastu parameters.
  2. Construction of constructing towards the Vaastu rules and cash short comings remain in the structure.
  3. As a result of errors in interior association of concerned rooms and buildings.
  4. When people buys an previous home.
  5. On the time of renovation of home or enterprise places.
  6. When we have been dwelling for 10 years continuously.
  7. After coming again out of a foreign trip for a long time.
  8. On the time of inauguration of a brand new home.

A look on this service is..

  • Swastivachan
  • Ganapati Samren
  • Sankalpa
  • Shree Ganapati Pooja
  • Kalash Sthapan and Poojan
  • Punehavachana
  • Abhishek
  • Shodeshmater ka Poojan
  • Vasodhera Poojan
  • Aausheya Mantrajaap
  • Naandesheraad
  • Accharya aade ka varen
  • Yogne Poojan
  • Khetrapal Poojan
  • Agne Sethapen
  • Navagraha Sthapan and Poojan
  • Vaastumandala Poojan and Sthaapan
  • Gerha Haven
  • Vaastu Devta Hom
  • Balidan
  • Poornahuti
  • Trisutrevashten
  • Jaldugeddhara and Dhwaja Pataka Sthapan
  • Gartvidhi
  • Vaastupurush-prathana
  • Dakshinasankelp
  • Brahman Bhojan
  • Uttar Bhojan
  • Abhishek
  • Viserjen

All abovementioned issues are part of recorded Vaastu Shanti pooja.

Vastu havan muhurt for property..

  • Day: Monday, Tuesday, Pushya nakshatra,
  • Time: After 7am
  • Direction: North/ east

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