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 How to do Trataka - फ्री त्राटक करना कैसे सीखे? बिंदू त्राटक कैसे करे आईने के त्राटक से आश्चर्य जनक लाभकाले तिल से जाने सामने वाले का भविष्य

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Sadhana shop for marriage

Sadhana store for marriage

sadhana store for marriage

Divyayoga Shop provide many kind of sadhana for marriage like katyayani sadhana, durga sadhana, kameshwari sadhana.

Do you wish for a cheerful married life?
Can life be stuffed with pleasures?
Can delay in marriages be remedied?

Reply is sure.....

Life is very strange. Each person be it a person or a Girl keeps making an attempt to get increasingly pleasures and comforts in life. First everybody needs for material pleasures after which for religious fulfilment.

One necessary occasion in life is marriage. Marriage brings a couple of very special change within the life of a person. The direction of life can fully change after marriage. If one will get a smart, capable and understanding life partner then one appears like having fun with life and its pleasures to the full. Problems, obstacles and obligations are a part of life. But when one's life partner is understanding then the ache turns into much less.

Within the Indian Society too marriage is given great significance. In the historic times there was the ritual of Swayamvar through which the girls got the liberty to choose their own husbands. As a result of the wedding was once by selection hence life was more happy. Married life was not a problem or a burden for them.

But as times handed the social system modified and the ritual of marriage turned some what distorted due to which there were many problems which the couples face to this day. Society turned dominated by males and ladies came to play only a passive role in marriages. The actual fact is that a girl is as important part of the society as a man. In married life each are equal. Each supplement each other. With out one the other cannot ponder a complete life. The creation in nature cannot go on without cooperation of both.

At this time the institution of marriage has develop into very corrupted.There is more ache in married life than happiness. It has come to be believed that start of a lady in a house means advent of problems and sorrows. The explanation for this is that for the marriage of the woman the mother and father should struggle a lot. The problem of dowry has further difficult matters. Excessive life kinds, ostentation and false values have solely tended to make the problem of dowry extra grave. Even after marriage of the lady issues for the mother and father or the girl don't end. Everybody understands that the prevalent system is incorrect but paradoxically it continues.

If by the time the girl is of marriageable age dad and mom are not capable of finding an appropriate match then it turns into a cause of worry and rigidity for them. The poor woman even when she understands what is going on is compelled to keep mum.

Even in the current age love marriage isn't easily doable in India. And not simply women even boys are compelled into marriages. In the present day seventy out of hundred couples aren't happy with their marriage. A man is just not in a position to get the woman of his alternative and similar is the case for the girl. Still life goes on. But the place there isn't any true pleasure it can't be referred to as life. It turns into more of a burden.

In the historic times men used to do particular Sadhanas to get a superb wife. And equally girls used to perform rituals for getting an excellent husband. Having studied the ancient texts some special Sadhanas are being produced here for the readers of the magazine with the help of which they may make their married lives extra pleased and joyous. One mustn't hesitate in attempting these Sadhanas that are meant for the success of married life. If desired issues don't occur on their very own then what is the hurt in getting needs fulfilled by Sadhanas?