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Kamdev ring

It is alleged in Nath Panth and historic texts (Grantha) where one should wear a Kaamdev Mudrika (Ring) via which he may even appeal to and control over the stone, so it’s not a large matter to draw in a standard man man and woman..

$21 ... $251
Ketu sadhana

Ketu (Dragon's Tail) sadhana is devoted to planet Ketu. Grah Shanti Ketu sadhana (Worship of Dragon's Tail) is recommended for all these, having malefic Ketu or wrongly positioned Ketu as per the horoscope..

$35 ... $56
Rahu sadhana

Rahu sadhana or the Dragon's Head sadhana is dedicated to planet Rahu. Grah Shanti Rahu sadhana is beneficial for these, having malefic Rahu or wrongly positioned Rahu as per the kundli. Here is list of issues related to Rahu..

$35 ... $56
Mangal sadhana

Mangal sadhana or Mars sadhana is dedicated to planet Mars. Grah Shanti sadhana from money owed, poverty and skin problems. Here is normally a listing of issues related to Mangal (Mars). In Vedic Astrology, Mars is commonly often called Mangal..

$36 ... $57
Chandra sadhana

Chandra sadhana is dedicated to Lord Chandra, the Moon Bhagawan. Grah Shanti Chandra sadhana (Moon sadhana) is really helpful to those, having malefic Chandra or wrongly positioned moon as per the kundli..

$35 ... $56
Budha sadhana for success

Budha sadhana or Mercury sadhana is dedicated to planet Mercury. Budha sadhana on Wednesdays brings in manifold advantages like eliminating difficulties, healthy progeny, possession of fertile lands etc. Following issues..

$35 ... $56
Surya Sadhna for fame

It's an historic Surya sadhana from the Vedas which was practiced by the best sages plus the seekers of true information or Brahma Vidya within the Vedic times in India. The sadhana is from the Surya Upanishad...

$36 ... $57
Shani sadhana for sade-sati

Sadesati Nivaran Sadhna must be practiced for 8 Saturdays in the row. The Shani Sadhna will be practiced by the affected individual or anybody else on him. This Shani Sadhna can be helpful to people..

$37 ... $58


Bagalamukhi Diksha

If there may be life there are sure to be obstacles, issues and enemies regardless that one would possibly wish to lead a peaceable and contented existence...

Bhuvaneshwari Diksha

Bhuvan means world and Bhuvaneshwari is the Mahavidya who rules this world. Her Beej Mantra is Hreem (ह्रीं) and she is worshipped even by Brahma...

Chinnamasta Diksha

If one seems to be on the form of Goddess Mother Chhinamasta one feels frightened on beholding her severed head...

$24 ... $28
Dhumavati Diksha

On acquiring this Diksha one's body becomes actually wholesome and powerful. Any ailment or physical drawback that will have bothered the person gets eliminated forever by the ability of the Dhoomavati Diksha...

$24 ... $26
Guru Diksha

Guru Diksha is step one of non secular initiation. You have to take Guru Diksha before performing any Sadhana or taking some other Diksha...

$21 ... $35
Kayakalp Diksha For Bodily Rejuvenation

Of all the gifts that modern science has manifested for mankind that of Medicine is perhaps the most wondrous because it took up the challenges of banishing certain illnesses from the very face of the earth and increasing the life span of essentially the most favoured of all species - man...

Kamala Diksha

Gaining Dharma (right eousness), Arth (wealth), Kaam (pleasure) and Moksh (spiritual success) is the chief aim of human life...

$24 ... $26
Mata Saraswati Diksha

To bless and inspire students, our beloved Guruji will be offering initiation, or Diksha, into the most sacred and auspicious Sri Saraswati Mantra...

Lakshmi Diksha

It is the dream of each individual to get rich within the shortest doable time and without a lot effort, so that he might get pleasure from all pleasures and take correct care of his family. It is not a fallacious wish at all...

Mahakali Diksha

This is an age of stiff competition. It's possible you'll do no wrong and but unfavourable forces hold trying their best to rob you of your peace...

$24 ... $35
Shighra karya Siddhi Diksha

As an alternative of simply leaving issues to 1's deity or to luck an individual also needs to attempt to put in the very best of his efforts...

Tara Diksha

It is said that a Sadhak who has achieved the Siddhi of Goddess Tara is gifted with all kind of materials.  Tara is likely one of the most benevolent of the ten divine forms of Goddess Shakti, referred to as the Mahavidyas...

$24 ... $28
Tripur Sundari Diksha

On acquiring this Diksha the three subtle channels of the Kundalini, particularly Ida,Pingala and Sushumna that management the mind, mind and heart are activated...

$24 ... $26

Raksha Kavach

64 Yogini Raksha Kavach
$202.33 ... $415.79
Kamdev Raksha Kavach

This Kamdeva Raksha Kavach charged by  Kamdeva mantra. Kamdeva Raksha Kavach to solve all of your sexual problems and fulfil your desires. ...

$151 ... $301
Kali Raksha Kavach

This Mahavidya Kali Raksha Kavach charged by Mahakali mantra. Mahavidya Kali Raksha Kavach protects an individual from the following..

$110.27 ... $223.57
Pratyangira Raksha Kavach

This Maata Pratyangira Raksha Kavach charged by Pratyangira mantra. Come out of the sick spell and breathe the contemporary air of positivity...

Ganesha kavach

This Ganesha Raksha kavach charged by Ganesha mantra. Ganesha is the elemental God of knowledge who removes all the obstacles that stand in your means of success. Obstacles are issues we don't foresee and thus cannot plan for....

$85 ... $175
Tripur Sundari Raksha Kavach

This Mahavidya Tripur Sundari Raksha Kavach charged by Maata Shodashi mantra. Tripur Sundari Raksha Kavach Benefits....

$152.76 ... $282.25
Aghor Mahamrtyunjay kavach
$152.76 ... $304.50
Sarvajan vashikaran kavach
$146.69 ... $294.39
Raj Rajeshwari kavach
$122.41 ... $243.81
Manibhadra Raksha Kavach

This Manibhadra Raksha Kavach charged by Manibhadra mantra. Manibhadra Raksha Kavach attract wealth, prosperity and fulfil wishes...

$126.46 ... $253.92
Yakshini Raksha Kavach

This Yakshini Raksha Kavach is charged by Rudra mantra. Yakshini Raksha Kavach bringing fulfil your desire, success in relationship...

$112.29 ... $201.32
Sudarshan tantra raksha kavach
$159 ... $351


Past-life Regression Sadhana

The reason for all fortunes and misfortunes that one has within the present will be traced not simply to past deeds but even to past lives. When a human is born he brings with him traits or Sanskars from previous lives,..

Bhoot Siddhi Sadhana for Riddance from Evil

Resulting from some misconceptions the atypical man shivers on the mention of the word ghost. This is chiefly because of the fearful image created in the thoughts of the populace by unscrupulous...

Panchanguli Sadhana for future predictions

Even the Western astrologer Cheiro had mastered Panchanguli Sadhana by the virtue of which he could make completely correct predictions. He had come to India to grasp this Sadhana and it is due to this knowledge gained by him that his books are considered so authentic. ...

$76.87 ... $100
Shiva Sadhana for fearlessness and power

Lord Shiva is the Lord of all deities as a result of whose grace the whole universe exists. Lord Shiva is also known as Aughad-daani i.e. one who bestows his grace on the Sadhaks and instils into them fearlessness and power....

Sadhana on Lunar Eclipse for family problems

If an individual accomplishes this ritual in the course of the eclipse then he becomes freed from all family problems. It is the finest ritual for a lunar eclipse....

Shraadh-Pitra Sadhana

Shraadh means to offer with devotion or to offer one's respect. Shraadh is a ritual for expressing one's respectful emotions for the ancestors...

Sadhana for freedom from bad habit

Every human being wishes joy, pleasure, music, dance and care freeness in life, however when finds that the world is just not offering any of these he begins to search for plastic pleasure in wine...

Sabar Sadhana for freedom from bad habit

Many small rituals have also been well-liked in India specifically from the times of Nath Yogis like Guru Gorakhnath who devised quite simple strategies and Mantras...

Venus Sadhana for fame and success

The most brilliant and glowing celestial physique as seen from earth is Venus. No surprise then it signifies magnificence, magnetism, fame, music superb arts and all good things in life. ...

Shani Sadhana for appeasing Saturn

Accidents, pain, affliction, loss in business, quarrels in family, and sudden death have all been declared to be the domain of Saturn by clergymen who wish to strike...

Durga Sadhana for overcome all hurdles

These smart word as soon as spoken to Arjun by Lord Krishna emphasize that courage and power alone cannot assist one win the battle of life...

Kartikeya Sadhana for removing misfortune

It was the first time that I had picked the journal from our bookstall. What caught my attention was the image that adorned its cowl page...

Swarnnawati Sadhana on Siyar Singhi

This is a three day Sadhana which can be began on Deepavali or you can perform any amavasya...

$112.29 ... $133.54
Astma Sadhana for Moksha

Today even the trendy scientists have accepted the fact that each human being is surrounded by an aura much like the radiance around the faces of Lord Ram, Krishna, Buddha and Jesus, as is seen depicted of their pictures...