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Special mala for wealth

  • Ashta-lakshmi rosary
    Lakshmi, the Hindu mata of magnificence, wealth and fruitfulness has many iconic manifestations...
    $19 ... $23
  • Kanakdhara lakshmi rosary
    Kanakdhara Lakshmi Yantra needs to be put in and worshipped to obtain the blessings of Mata Maha Lakshmi...
    $24 ... $27
  • Kuber mala
    Kuber is the bhagawan of wealth and the god’s treasurer. He's additionally referred to as the bhagawan...
    $25 ... $28
  • Shodashi rosary
    Shodashi is the image of the obsession of the complete formation. That’s why she provides moksha...
    $18 ... $21
  • Mahalakshmi rosary
    Mahalaxmi ( Mahalakshmi ) is the Hindu Mata of wealth, luck, love and wonder, the lotus bloom and fruitfulness...
    $17 ... $19
  • Lakshmi akarshan rosary
    Lakshmi lived via a minimum of avatars with him as his factual love. Within the first, she was born because...
    $16 ... $18
  • Vyapar braddhi rosary
    Vyapar Vridhi Yantra is taken into account one of the favorable for the mixed pooja of Bhagawan ganesha...
    $16 ... $18
  • Matsya rosary
    Matsya in Sanskrit approach ‘a fish’; Matsya Yantra is a Vastu Yantra which is used to clear Vastu faults like a fish cleans a pond...
    $24 ... $30
  • Koorma rosary for wealth
    Your struggles on the personal and the official entrance is perhaps because of the lack of constructive vitality in your residing and work area, as well...
    $24 ... $28
  • Rinn Mukti Maha rosary
    Rin Mukti Bisa Yantra needs to be put in and worshiped to get oneself free from debts. As like, each particular...
    $22 ... $25
  • Mahavidya Kamla rosary
    Kamala means lotus. Kamala is a Mahavidya. The youngest. The youngest means the primary shaped...
    $18 ... $22
  • Mahavidya Tara rosary
    Tara Mahavidya is related to the Samudra Manthan (churning of the ocean). Lord Shiva grew to become unconscious...
    $19 ... $24
  • Vaibhav lakshmi rosary
    Mata Laxmiji has innumerable incarnations. Amongst all, ‘Shri Yantra’ Amulet of Mata Laxmi could be very...
    $22 ... $26
  • Dhanlakshmi rosary
    Dhan Lakshmi, or Dhanalakshmi, is without doubt one of the manifestations of Mata Lakshmi and on this type she symbolizes materials wealth. ..
    $17 ... $19