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Stone Rings

  • Cat's eye ring
    Cat`s eye stone is useful in curing illnesses like mania, paralysis etc. It assists the native in eradicating evil influences of Ketu..
    $25 ... $53
  • Gomed ring
    Gomedh' is a sanskrit phrase which implies 'of the colour of the cow urine'. Sporting Gomed offers one psychological peace and..
    $25 ... $161
  • Moti ring
    Moti is the gemstone dominated by moon planet. Pearl is the gemstone that's used to reinforce the...
    $30 ... $77
  • White stone ring
    $21 ... $71
  • Green stone ring
    Green magnificence and the that means of the stone. Some individuals additionally select emerald attributable to cheaper worth..
    $21 ... $71
  • Amethyst stone ring
    Amethyst stone is as favorable as beautiful. Its auspiciousness derives out of its powers, which additional derives its essence out of..
    $31 ... $81