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Special & Rare mala

  • Sabar siddhi rosary
    shabar mantras and their energy and if it's the shabar mantra of ma (maata) baglamukhi then phrases change...
    $26 ... $30
  • Kamakshi rosary
    Mata Kamakshi is a type of Tripura Sundari or Parvati or the common mom mata. The primary abode...
    $31 ... $35
  • Shri krishna rosary
    Sri krishna appeared over 5 thousand years in the past in Mathura,dist of state UP (India) to Devaki...
    $22 ... $26
  • Shri rama rosary
    Rama is the seventh avatar of the Hindu bhagawan Vishnu, and a king of Ayodhya in Hindu scriptures...
    $22 ... $26
  • Radhe-shyam rosary
    Radha Shyam are together identified inside Hinduism as the mix of each the female in addition to the masculine...
    $22 ... $29
  • Lakshmi-narayan rosary
    Sriman Narayana and His consort Lakshmi have been speaking away the hours, when Narada, the wandering...
    $22 ... $26
  • Dattatreya rosary
    Dattatreya had descended keen on the realm of world as progeny of Atri and Anusuya, a sage couple of the...
    $21 ... $24
  • Sashthi devi rosary for child protection
    Shasti Devi is sixth incarnation (avatar) of Mother Earth therefore is named as Sheshti Devi.Her identify is...
  • Savitri mala for husband protection
    Savitri is so lovely and pure, she intimidates all the lads within the vicinity. When she reaches the age of marriage...