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Special mala for task

  • Panchamukhi ganesha rosary
    Lord (bhagawan) Vinayaka has a particular and highly effective place in Hindu mythology amongst a...
    $24 ... $28
  • Siddhi vinayak rosary
    The Siddhivinayak Temple (mandir) is a rather well-known temple (mandir) in Mumbai. Additionally it is referred...
    $24 ... $28
  • Karya siddhi rosary
    karya Siddhi Yantra is supposed for Success of all Needs. Karya Siddhi is an extremely efficient Yantra, which...
    $25 ... $29
  • Kamdhenu rosary
    Kamadhenu also called Surabhi is a divine bovine-goddess described in Hindu mythology because the...
    $28 ... $32
  • Hanuman rosary for confidence
    Lord hanuman was born to the humanoid creatures referred to as the vanaras. His mata Anjana was an apsara...
    $24 ... $28
  • Naukri Suraksha rosary
    नौकरी नही मिल रही हो, नौकरी लगकर छूट जाती हो, ​ऑफिस/दफ्तर मे लोग इतना परेशन कर रहे हो कि नौकरी छोडने...
    $22 ... $25
  • Vaak Siddhi rosary
    Working towards religion and mantra japa will awake the Anahata Chakra and we are going to attain the Vak...
    $22 ... $25
  • Chintamani rosary
    Shri Chintaamani is taken into account to be one of many Ashta Vinayak shrines of Maharashtra, celebrating...
    $18 ... $22