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 How to do Trataka - फ्री त्राटक करना कैसे सीखे? बिंदू त्राटक कैसे करे आईने के त्राटक से आश्चर्य जनक लाभकाले तिल से जाने सामने वाले का भविष्य

जाने संमोहन कैसे सीखे ५ भागो मे


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Dattatraya Bhojapatra Yantra

This Siddha Dattatraya  Bhojpatra Yantra charged by Dattatraya mantra. Lord Dattatraya is Guru of all Gurus thought-about as Incarnation of...

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Dattatraya Bhojapatra Yantra

Beneficial for success, evil eye and negative energy.

This Siddha Dattatraya Bhojpatra Yantra charged by Dattatraya mantra. Lord Dattatraya is Guru of all Gurus thought-about as Incarnation of Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma born to the great Saint Atri and his devoted spouse Anusuya . That is Datta that means " to offer - Reward " as a result of a pure saint always provides back what he has to this world. In the Natha tradition, Dattatraya is recognized as an Avatar or incarnation of the Lord Shiva and because the Adi-Guru (First Teacher) of the Adi-Nath sampradaya of the Nathas. Although Dattatreya was at first a "Lord of Yoga" with Tantric traits, he was tailored and assimilated into the extra devotional cults; while still worshiped by thousands and thousands of Hindus, he is approached extra as a benevolent God than as a teacher of the best essence of Indian thought.

Dattatreya is normally depicted with three heads, symbolising Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva; previous, present, and future; and the three states of consciousness: waking, dreaming, and dreamless sleep. He's portrayed sitting in meditation with his shakti beneath the audumbara (wish-fulfilling) tree. In front of him is a fire pit, and around him are 4 dogs. These are typically said to symbolise the four Vedas.

Shree Mahasidh Dattatreya Yantra is also referred to as Drishti Yantra. It protects from Drishti too ( ie Evil eye , Unfavourable energy) .Shree Dattatreya Bhojpatra Yantra is the only Yantra within the Dutta Sampradaya. It is extremely potent & a extremely revered Yantra. Shree Dattatreya Yantra is useful for prosperity, knowledge and wealth.

You can keep this Siddha Dattatraya Bhojpatra Yantra in the office or home (worship place) or Two Dattatraya Bhojpatra Yantra can buy for office and home.

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