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Padmini yakshini sadhana

The Padmini yakshini Sadhna is carried out on the day of Ashada Purnima; also known as the Guru Purnima...

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Mata Padmini yakshini sadhna

The Padmini yakshini Sadhna is carried out on the day of Ashada Purnima; also known as the Guru Purnima. It is commenced throughout the period of the Swati Nakshtra; on the 4th Prahara of the night. The place for performing this Mantra Sadhna must be a secluded and lonely one where there isn't a likelihood of your Sadhak getting disturbed.

The Sadhak sits underneath a Peepal tree [sacred fig] and commences the Padmini Sadhna. He makes use of a seat made from copper to take a seat on, faces the South and installs an idol of the deity Batuknath and performs a Vidhi Purvak Pooja of the idol. Then begins chanting the Mantra. The Mantra is to be chanted 51000 instances, utilizing any sort of Mala in the fixed number of days.

When the Padmini Yakshini arrives all kinds of musical instruments begin taking part in; however one doesn't see who's playing these instruments. Then from nowhere seems a big procession, moving on the tunes of the music; then the Padmini Yakshini reveals her shows herself plus the Sadhak is shocked and hypnotized by her beauty.

She is honest in colour, has lengthy and exquisite hair which attain her knees, her thighs are soft and properly rounded, she has a lotus flowers in her hands and a garland of scented flowers around her neck.

If the Sadhak succeeds in invoking and attracting her, he never faces any scarcity of money and wealth. It is amongst these Sadhanas that are for the superior practitioners who've information concerning the primary principles.

Padmini yakshini Sadhna mantra


Padmini yakshini Sadhna samagri

Padmini yakshini yantra

Padmini yakshini mala,

Padmini yakshini akarshan gutika

siddha asan

holy threads

raksha sutra

and other samagri with Padmini yakshini sadhana methods.

Padmini sadhana duration

Duretion: 11 days or 21 days

Sadhana Timing: after 11pm

Sadhana place: Home, peaceful place

Chanting mantra: 11 mala or 21 mala.

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