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Sadhana on Lunar Eclipse for riddance from enemies

In astrology moon is the signification of mind, emotions, imagination, luxuries, music, art, beauty, character, fame and laurels. To perform its Sadhana during a lunar eclipse can imply gaining much...

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Sadhana on Lunar Eclipse for riddance from enemies

चन्द्र ग्रहण साधना

चन्द्रमा मनसो जातः
Moon was born from the soul of the Lord.

In astrology moon is the signification of mind, emotions, imagination, luxuries, music, art, beauty, character, fame and laurels. To perform its Sadhana during a lunar eclipse can imply gaining much.

Each Sadhak ought to try to make full use of this Lunar Eclipse time span for it is rather auspicious for Sadhanas. During a lunar eclipse a particular energy fills the atmosphere which proves to be very useful in Sadhanas.

Moon is thought for its coolness and sweetness , hence its Sadhana can bestow upon a Sadhak magnificence, materials pleasures and all joys of a household life. Therefore the time of a lunar eclipse could be very auspicious on this respect for by undertaking Sadhana throughout this era one gets linked subtly to this heavenly body and thus by imbibing the rays of the moon one may obtain superb degree of success in life.

One turns into free of all one's problems, tensions and worries by accomplishing Lunar Eclipse Sadhana during a lunar eclipse. The suitable time is most essential in life and by making correct use of these moments one can throw open the doors to success in one's life.

Every person ought to attempt to make the most effective use of these moments by partaking himself in Mantra chanting, Sadhana and worship because there may be no better time than this for taking away from issues of life. The reason for that is that any Sadhana achieved on this period is a hundred occasions simpler than one done ordinarily. Chanting a Mantra simply as soon as throughout a lunar eclipse proves as powerful as chanting the same Mantra 100 occasions in bizarre conditions.

Nice Tantriks and Yogis remain waiting for such moments for they are properly conscious of their significance. However the frequent man being unaware of this significance wastes these moments. The frequent family man has extra issues and worries in his life because of which he remains ever worried. If only he knew, he may make use of these moments and remedy all issues of life. Merely put an eclipse is a boon for the common man.

Any Sadhana will be tried throughout a lunar eclipse, however presented here are some special rituals which might help a person so much materially if these are tried through the eclipse. One can choose and try anybody ritual in keeping with one's needs.

Riddance from enemies

Each human has enemies in life. If someone has cheated you financially, concerned you in a false legislation go well with or if somebody is making an attempt to harm your repute then do that ritual that shall neutralise all his efforts.

One needs a Shatru Baadhaa Nivaarann Yantra and a Khadag mala for this Sadhana.

Initially put on yellow robes and sit dealing with North. Cowl a wood seat with a pink cloth and on it place the Yantra in a copper plate. Bathe the Yantra with water, milk, sugar, curd and ghee. Then again bathe with water. Wipe it dry and supply on it vermilion, rice grains and flowers. Light a ghee lamp and incense.

Thereafter take water within the hole of your proper palm and pledge thus - I (name) am doing this Sadhana for defeating the efforts of this (title) enemy. Could I be successful. Then let the water movement onto the ground. Then with a Khadag rosary chant eleven rounds of this Mantra. Alternatively one can chant the Mantra for one hour.

| Om Kreem Kreem Kreem Shatruhantryei Phat |

ॐ क्रीं क्रीं क्रीं शत्रु हंत्राये फट्

After the Sadhana tie the Yantra and rosary in a pink cloth and drop the bundle in a river or pond. Thus this ritual is accomplished.

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