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Mata kali sadhana to stop enemy Hassle

Mahavidya Kali sadhana is very efficient and highly effective sadhana . The Kali sadhana is given by...

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Kali Sadhana

Mahavidya Kali

Mata kali sadhana methods to stop enemy Hassle

To pacify enemies and adversaries, light a holy fire and then make oblations of a combination of black pepper seeds, yellow mustard seeds and black sesame seeds, chanting the next Mantra by concentrating on the image of Deity Kali. Do this for 7 mala for 7 days.

Mata kali sadhana mantra to stop enemy Hassle

"Om Kreem Kreem Kreem Kalike Kleem Kleem Kleem Sarv Shatrrunaam Praharya Bhanjaya Maraya Visfotya Kleem Kleem Kleem Kreem Kreem Kreem Phat"

ॐ क्रीं क्रीं क्रीं कालिके क्लीं क्लीं क्लीं सर्व शत्रुणां प्रहारय भंजय मारय विस्फोटय क्लीं क्लीं क्लीं क्रीं क्रीं क्रीं फट् ॥

Throw the mixture where four roads meet. And quickly enough you shall really feel all opposition down.

Mata kali sadhana samagri to stop enemy Hassle

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