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 How to do Trataka - फ्री त्राटक करना कैसे सीखे? बिंदू त्राटक कैसे करे आईने के त्राटक से आश्चर्य जनक लाभकाले तिल से जाने सामने वाले का भविष्य

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Maha lakshmi puja

Here is the most imperative day of the five-day celebrations. Deepawali pooja is a worship and praise of Mahalakshmi and Lord (bhagawan) Ganapati. ..

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Lakshmi pujan on diwali

Here is the most imperative day of the five-day celebrations. Deepawali pooja is a worship and praise of Mahalakshmi and Lord (bhagawan) Ganapati. We show respect towards Laxmi, the deity of wealth and abundance and worshipping Lord (bhagawan) Ganesha in the festival will get rid of all obstructions and bring Good luck with Abundance to the family. During the tradition of Deepavali pooja, special offerings are paid to Maata Laxmi, Lord (bhagawan) Ganesha, the Nine Planets to seek blessings and prosperity for all family members. Laxmi is the deity of light, beauty, fortune and wealth. While Lakshmi is mostly worshiped to be successful, she doesn't reside with any individual who is disinclined to work and need her only as wealth. Ganesha puja plays main significance on this propitious occasion of Deepavali as he is to be worshiped in all pujas before any other god or goddess. Ganesha shares the altar with maata Laxmi. Shri Ganesha is regarded as the god of perfect commencements and the eradicator of hindrances.

Diwali pooja is a collective pooja of five deities: Ganpati is worshiped at first; Maata Laxmi is worshiped in her three forms - Mahalakshmi (the maata of wealth and money), Mahasaraswati (the goddess of learning), and Mahakali (protector and eradicator of evil elements); Kubera (the treasurer of the gods). All the five deities are worshipped for full most essential five days with strong celebrations by means of colors, firecrackers, lighting of lamps, delicious sweets and new clothes.

Divyayogashop conducts Specific Lakshmi Ganesha Tantra based pooja for each person to achieve huge wealth and abundance.

Worth of Lakshmi puja

It is extremely effective for achieving success in the following :

  • For achievement of financial prosperity and stability.
  • It bestows positive reputation.
  • To remove Debt and Poverty.
  • To promote / improve and speed up business matter Sun.
  • To make favorable situations / situation to minimise the malefic effect of afflicted Venus.
  • To protect from any unenthusiastic prospect.

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