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Can I alter the shipping address for just one of my orders?

So long as your order has never been sent to our shipping and packing department at our warehouse, you'll be able to change the shipping address in your order in the account. Check out the link besides your order to change your shipping address. If a link to change your shipping address doesn't appear, your order has either already shipped or is sent to shipping and packing at our warehouse.

We’d also prefer to add the correct reminder to be definitely certain that your particular shipping address is entered correctly. In order to feature a lot of different items and types, our warehouse requires move very quickly. Once your order has been packaged, we now not enought time to change the shipping address. We also don’t have the power to reship orders which are returned to sender. Stay on top of a great choice and ensure that your shipping information and facts is 100% accurate, and there is going to be not something that you should worry about.

Posted: December 9, 2015

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