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Sadhana rules and regulations

Sadhana Rules

A sadhaka relates to the one who recites the Mantras, meditates and achieves all the rites to achieve sidhi “mastery” through Mantras. The sadhaka must observe some recommendations awfully strictly while using Mantra Shakti. Someone who is controls his mind and body is the Sadhaka. Sadhaka has one word engraved in his mind. A sadhak must always follow some rules before accomplishing any sadhna or ritual.

Please keep in mind rules are provided for the Sadhaka

  • Have the mantra diksha from a competent Guru.
  • Have the mantra through the Guru.
  • Begin the mantra sadhana on an favorable time.
  • Enchant the mantra on the same time everyday for quick great success.
  • Full faith and pure love backed by a transparent heart towards the deity is necassary for Sadhana.
  • Usually do not begin Mantra Recitation under any pressure.
  • Rely upon God, Cosmic love, understanding and self -restraint must be the positive aspects of a Sadhaka.
  • Keep away from nasty language, lust, anger, disturbed thoughts, evil company and lack of consideration for others.
  • Don't get emotional.
  • Mantras on hearsay need to be avoided .
  • Sadhana which has no specific aim bears fruits early.
  • In any case that you see any miracles, do not panic.
  • Ensure your self-control strong and continue your Sadhana. All difficulties will go away.
  • Brahmacharya or celibacy need to be observed during sadhana.
  • In the event of failure, don't lose heart. Repeat and again and you will definitely be topped with great success.
Posted: December 2, 2015