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Will my package have to pay customs duties and taxes?

We ship every one of our products straight from our stores in China to your country, and all imported shipments must first clear customs. If you'd like to Normal shipping, taxes and other customs charges, if incurred, will be collected through the courier service upon delivery. In the event you want to Express service, to avoid any problem on your behalf, we'll handle the payment of taxes and duties and may include this pre-calculated amount in your total price through checkout.

The required taxes and duties are calculated created according to the standard rates set by the destination country’s customs. At times, the actual import fees might vary slightly from our calculations for various causes. If this happens to be the case and the actual charge exceeds our calculation, we'll always bear the difference. However, if the amount charged ends up being less than the prices incurred, we will not reimburse the differences.
Posted: November 30, 2015

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