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Why Diksha is Necessary?

|| Diksha Moolo Japah,Sarvah Diksha Moolam Param Tapah.

Diksha Mashoitey Nirset Yatra Kutrashrame Vasan ||

Kularnav Tantra Shastra

Diksha is a basis of each type of worship and penance, subsequently a Sadhak should at all times keep away from lengthy strategies and undertake the straightforward way. Receiving Diksha is such a way. A Guru who can't grant Diksha is just not fit to get a Guru, he is a fraud. An Ashram with out the tradition of Diksha is simply like a desert. Except you have arrangement of transferring religious power, it can't be referred to as an Ashram. A genuine Guru is a one who is aware of the strategies of Diksha, as a result of it is the one energy which transfers information and knowledge into the disciple. Though he's sinful, he's free of all bondages.

|| Dikshya Moksha Deepen Chandalopi Vimuchayate ||

-Kularnav Tantra Shastra

In actual fact Diksha is a biggest treasure, boon of life, foundation of the fusion with Shiva and a system by which a human being transforms into Maheshwar. The Sadhak not only achieves divinity, but additionally will get Gurudev's power.

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Posted: November 30, 2015

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