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How to take Sankalp/Promise?

Taking Sankalp/Promise

Myself "name" son/daughter/spouse of "your father/mother/husband's name" , belonging to "your gotra or surname" gotra , disciple of Pujya Gurudev am making this pledge by taking Divine blessings and Diksha from my Pujya Gurudev on "date & time" at "place name" that I'll carry out "sadhna name" Sadhana by chanting "number" rosary rounds for "number" days on behalf of "individual name" son/daughter/spouse of "father/mother/husband's name" , belonging to the "gotra or surname" gotra ,resident of "place name" to solve "problem particulars" problem. Might Pujya Gurudev stay with us all the time and information and shield us. Could all the advantages of this Sadhana go to "particular person name".

Sadhana Be aware -

Don't sit on bed & do Sadhana.
Sit on floor with Correct Aasan.
You possibly can open/ shut your eyes throughout Sadhana. When open see the Lingam(focus) or look at deitys Photo.
Posted: November 30, 2015

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