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Vyekatesh yantra

SHREE VYANKATESH SAPTAKOTI JAAP was introduced 1000's of devotees eagerly participated within...

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Vyekatesh Yantra for peace and good health

Beneficial for Vyekatesh Yantra - Give you Shanti, Good health, Wealth, Good family life.

About Vyekatesh.

SHREE VYANKATESH SAPTAKOTI JAAP was introduced 1000's of devotees eagerly participated within the arrangements. A seven ft idol of Shree Vyanktesha was specifically planned for the occasion. While the god was organism created the seven chakras (saptachakra) have been put in within the idol, previous to that forty nine devotees had chanted varied mantras for every chakra. Equally 7 devotees had chanted a particular mantra 10 million occasions for each chakra earlier than the installation. “Vitthala” of the straightforward and loving varkaris of Maharashtra and “Tirupati” of the south are the 2 most ardently liked diety by devotees. Vyankatesha and Vitthala each are types of Lord (bhagawan) MahaVishnu. About three hundred years again Shree Ramanujacharya carried out an upasaana of Lord (bhagawan) Vyankatesh in a really distinctive way. He provided the jaap “Om Vyankateshaya namah” an ashtakashri mantra as a saptakoti (70 million occasions)archanam.

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