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Mahalasa Narayani yantra

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Mahalasa Narayani is the Mohini avatar of the Hindu bhagawan Vishnu. She is often known as Mhalshi and...
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Mahalasa Narayni Yantra for Good Health

This Mahalasa Narayani Yantra charged by Lord Vishu Mantra.

Beneficial for Mahalasa Narayani Yantra - Good Health, Good Relationship, Nice Partner.

About Mahalasa Narayani.

Mahalasa Narayani is the Mohini avatar of the Hindu bhagawan Vishnu. She is often known as Mhalshi and Mahalasa. In Newasa, Goa and elsewhere, Mahalasa is taken into account because the Mohini type of Lord Vishnu and therefore she is known as "Mahalasa Narayani". The deity, it could significantly be famous, also wears the holy thread, which is its distinctive characteristic. This holy thread is just damaged by Brahmin males and likewise the male gods. No different mata within the Hindu Pantheon wears this type of thread besides mata Mahalasa and mata Parvati. Mahalasa is the Kuldevi (household goddess) of some 96K Khatriyas(Dessai's) and plenty of Konkani Saraswat Brahmins, Karhade Brahmins, Daivajna Brahmins, (Arya Vaishyas-often known as Shetti) Bhandaris, Shimpi caste. Many households of various caste or communities. Mhalasa / Mahalsa Narayani is supposed to be a mixed avatara of Mohini and Mata parvati and the primary spouse of Khandoba(A warrior bhagawan in Maharashtra and supposed to be an Avatar of Lord shiva ). She is worshipped with Khandoba in all centres of his pooja, together with Jejuri.When the Amrut was obtained by churning of the ocean by the Devas and Danavas, a battle broke between them to say it. So as to assist the gods, Lord Vishnu took the type of Mohini Avatar (type of an enchantress). As a ravishing Damsel, Lord Vishnu took maintain of the Jar of Amrut and functioned it to the devas and by altering the jar on the proper time she gave regular water to the Danavas. This Mohini type of Lord Vishnu is worshipped by the Hindus because the Mata Mahalasa Narayani. Within the fundamental Hindu Trinity (trideva) of Lord brahma, Load vishnu and Lord shiva, the Hindu god Load vishnu is the preserver and guard of formation . Load vishnu is the personification of mercy and goodness, the personality - existent, all-pervading energy that preserves the world and maintains the cosmic arrange. The elegantly intended Mohiniraj Temple in Newasa Ahmednagar Maharastra is dedicated to Lord Vishnu.

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