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Dhanada-lakshmi sadhana for wealth

Dhanda lakshmi sadhana can be started wednesday after 10 pm. Sit facing the north on a White/yellow/Red/orange...

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Dhanda lakshmi Sadhana

Dhanda lakshmi Sadhana is beneficial for wealth and prosperity.

Dhanda lakshmi sadhana can be started wednesday after 10 pm. Sit facing the north on a White/yellow/Red/orange asan. Cover a wooden seat with a yellow/Red cloth and on it in a plate place a 5-panchmukhi rudraksha. Then light a lamp. Then chant one round of Ganesha and Guru Mantra. Next with a Lakshmi mala chant 21 round of the Mantra.

Dhanada Lakshmi sadhana mantra:-

ॐ ह्रीं धनदा लक्ष्मी मम् ग्रहे धनपुर्ती स्वाहा

Perform this sadhana for seven days. After seven days ,& keep the rudraksha in your worship place. Briefly worship it daily by lighting and chanting the Mantra 108 times.

Dhanada Lakshmi sadhana samagri:-

Dhanada lakshmi yantra, lakshmi mala, 5 Dhanada lakshmi siddha Rudraksha, asan, holy threads, rakshasutra and sadhana methods.

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